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CrossFit Cape Cod, Nutrition Challenge Day 1

January 03, 2014
Kristin is living proof that we are dealing with some very powerful possibilities with the right nutrition.

CrossFit Cape Cod

Coaches & Participants 

Coach: Mason
Kristin Menard
Ann Massi
Kara L.

Coach: Traci
Kelley C.

Coach: Kristin Powell
Erin M.
Jen Lockwood
Michelle Hatch
Melissa Card
Christy Lynch

Coach: Sarah 

Coach: Mark
Jen H.
Sarah S.
Chris Tuffs

Jamin is away for 1 week but will be available to assist any of the participants along the way. All the coaches are at your disposal & the teams are designed to be a very useful option for support. 

I am sorry that I left some people out, the list is trapped at C3. You are in, and will be added to a team tomorrow:)

“Scoring” System
As was described in the last post, we are not trying to find one winner. The goal of this challenge is that we all move forward stronger as a group,aided by the support of our teams and coach. Please post to the comments what percentage you adhered to the nutrition guidelines
The goal is that everyone stay on track 100% but if for some reason you choose not to, grade what percentage of your day was paleo. (i.e. “99%-I forgot and ate a peanut.”) 

The Benchmarks

Benchmark 1
A. 1 Rep Max Squat, Bench, Deadlift
B. 1 Rep Max Split Jerk, Clean, Snatch

Submit Results for either A. or B.

Benchmark 2  
A. Filthy 50

B. Angie
100 Pull Ups
100 Push Ups
100 Sit Ups
100 Squats
(This will be Saturdays WOD)
Submit a score for A. or B.

Each Person Will Have 2 Scores to compare at the end of the 30 Days. We will see how many pounds were added to one of the strength totals, and how much time was shaved off of WOD 2.
Weigh in at C3 with your Coach, one of you should record this. We will be posting the affiliate total for LB’s lost, and total improvement on both benchmarks.

The “Good & Bad” Foods are all found here. I think most of you realized these are the basics. It makes sense that the closer you follow this the better your progress. We are ignoring the following ridiculous little things: Vinegar, Cashews, small amounts of Pure Maple Syrup & Honey or pineapple. (Sugary dried fruit is not allowed.) Post workout protein powder is fine, but try to avoid ones that are loaded with sugar, like Progenex or Chocolate Milk. 
Some less obvious ones that are “Avoids” are all alcohol, beans, soy, peanuts/peanut butter, white potatoes, and rice. Avoid long ingredients lists, especially ones with lots of sweeteners.

 Hopefully you realize that grains, dairy, and refined sugar will not be part of your diet for the next 30 days. There are plenty of meats/proteins, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, oils that are in play that can be made into healthy meals. 

Use your Coach to help you with questions, or ideas.
We are going to do a food and recipe swap in about a week.
For more personalized planning, turn to your Coach. Kristin Powell is also going to Make herself available some evenings at the box. 

The Coaches have decided that the money you put in for the challenge will go to a party after the challenge!

Again the goal of this challenge is to move forward together as an affiliate and to lend as much support to each other as possible. 
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  1. Sean Mastro Reply

    Hi Mark and Sara, Can you count Colin and I in, on the nutrition challenge as well?? We are snowed in today, maybe we can get there. Looking forward to the challenge!

  2. Allan Fleck Reply

    Mark quick question about Carrageenan found in almond milk whole 30 NOT approved so this should be out of our diet correct?

  3. jwash Reply

    This is great. I am so excited for this challenge.

  4. Erin Gretzinger Reply

    I’m so excited too! Mark, please don’t forget to add me to a team:-)
    Thanks! Hope everyone has a safe and fun snow day

  5. sarah lee Reply

    Great Sean! Erin you were on our list but didn’t make the blog. Oops. Also, Jen S needs to be added. We will update it later once we have the final number.

    Please remember that the team Coaches are there for everyone. We have been through a lot of these challenges and are here to offer support. If you don’t have my number I will give it to you so you can text or call with questions anytime.

  6. sarah lee Reply

    Good question Allan. If you want to be that strict go for it but unsweetened almond or coconut milk is aloud in small amounts.

  7. Michelle Hatch Reply

    Wow Kristin! I’m amazed! Watched your double unders before and MAN you can bang those out. Excited to have you as my coach during this challenge! I am loving being at this box.

  8. jonathan miles Reply

    Count me in

  9. sarah lee Reply

    100 percent today. How is everyone holding up so far?

  10. Kelly Cook Reply

    100% for today.

  11. Kelly Cook Reply

    100% for today.

  12. Bushy Reply

    nice job kelly – 200%!

    i only got 100% though.

    still – team Traci is off to a good start, if only Al would cut back on the carrageenan. jeez!

    • sarah lee Reply

      Traci get Allan under control!

  13. Kelly Cook Reply

    I really killed it today Bushy, so it seemed necessary to post it twice. I don’t even know what Carrageenan is.

  14. Erin Meagher Reply

    100% – but quite a large amount of paleo food I must admit.
    No carrageenan for me today:)

  15. Sarah Sprague Reply

    100%…just finished my last snack and hope to get in tomorrow!

  16. Allan Fleck Reply

    100% even from tequila on a Friday night!! Looking forward to 12:30 class!!!

  17. Mark Lee Reply

    Sean and Collin-you are with me! 🙂

    So sorry Erin G-oversight on my part, you are with our celebrity coach-Kristin Powell, Congrats!

    Jon you are on that team of Carrgeenan schwilling hooloigans Traci is trying desperately to control.

    Jen Simmons you are with Sarah’s team:)

    Psyched to do Angie at 12:30. I may have to snowshoe there as my warm-up :/

  18. Nettie Reply

    100% today. Chips for supper last night. Steak, pumpkin risotto made with riced cauliflower, asparagus and avocado tonight. Greg is very happy there is another challenge!

  19. Unknown Reply

    100%, and boy am I still hungry.

  20. sarah lee Reply

    First of all you need to identify yourself! Then eat something! Go scramble some eggs and have a piece of fruit.

  21. Mark Lee Reply

    Sarah, you can’t talk to people like you talk to me:O

  22. HaleyDawn Reply

    95% for day 1- had a piece of banana bread for breakfast seeing as i was stuck at work overnight (I had eggs when i made it home though) and i did indulge in one piece of dark chocolate… that craving is going to be my Everest!

  23. KristinP Reply

    Oooh, I’m so excited to be a celebrity!!! I was 100% for yesterday…AND I can’t wait to get my team up and running!!

    I’ll be available at the box this wed from 4:30 to 6:30 and in Sat from 9-11ish. Pleeeease come and ask me questions…I need to earn my status and celebrity coach, and I kinda love this stuff. I’m also gonna post my number on the board at c3. Feel free to call or text with questions. Good luck everybody and great job on day 1!!!

  24. Ann Massi Reply

    100% for my first day. It was hard with my house full of holiday fudge and cookies. But I survived!!!

  25. Erin Gretzinger Reply

    95% today, had some roasted white potatoes mixed in with the sweet potatoes.

  26. jennifer simmons Reply

    100% for me

  27. jennifer simmons Reply

    100% for me

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