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CrossFit Cape Cod Monday May 11th

May 10, 2015


CrossFit Cape Cod WOD


3 Rounds For Time

Run 400m

21 Kettlebell Swings

12 Pull Ups

Advanced Training

On The Minute For 10 Minutes

Odd: 5 Deadlifts

Even: :40 Seconds Max Strict Chest To Bar

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  1. Sarah Lee Reply

    11:58 rx.

  2. Sarah S Reply

    13:31 rx
    AT 145#, 3 c2b red band
    Thank you Glassman for thinking outside the box…I mean inside the box!

  3. pauls Reply

    12:30 (1 pd)
    Been cutting back a bit on the volume due to joint problems, but it’s starting to show in the met con stuff like today. Gonna just have to get back and fight through it.

  4. Terry Reply

    11:52 RX
    AT 165# 5 strict CTB (red Band)

  5. Erin Meagher Reply

    12:24 rx

  6. Josh Reply

    8:17 Rx
    Advanced 225×5; 8×5

  7. Tunay Reply

    17:04 Rx

  8. Dawn Reply

    14:04 RX except pull-ups (used the bar on the rack)

  9. Justin Neviackas Reply

    8:26 RX. AT: 225,255,225,225,225 & 7,6,5,4,4. Went easy on the deads to practice some dorm and give the old posterior chain a little breather. A lot of deadlifts and KBS this week!

  10. Dom Reply

    8:59 rx. Finally starting to get it back.

  11. Kevin Mike Reply

    12:48 rx

  12. Caroline Reply

    9:45 Rx

    Adv) 185# DL, 3-4 pullups using the parallel bars

  13. Heidi Lacava Reply

    11:20 RX
    DL 165/ 4 strict C2B

  14. Christina Sotiros Reply

    13:35 bar pull-ups, RX KB

  15. Mark Reply

    Awesome Day At CrossFit Cape Cod!!!

  16. Christin Marshall Reply

    11:21rx – fun crew

  17. Christopher Judkins Reply

    10:33rx some killer times today nice work everyone!

  18. Kaitlyn Mutrie Reply

    13:30 modified pull-ups, blue kettle bell

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