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CrossFit Cape Cod Monday March 30th

March 29, 2015


Congratulations Mike McGuire For Winning The Nutrition Challenge!!! Mike is down 14.2 lbs and got 112 points! See me tomorrow for your Prize! Runner Up Was Kevin Medieros Who Lost 11lbs and scored 111 points!

Some Other Highlights Were:

Mimi who is down 2 pants sizes in 30 Days!!!

Christin Marshall who added nearly a full round to Both Benchmark WODs!!!

Erin who lost 10lbs in 30 days!!!

CrossFit Cape Cod WOD


Sumo Deadlift



Teams Of 2

“Gas Pedal”

From the CrossFit Rumble Spring Thaw

10 Minute Clock

200 Double Unders


15 Kettlebell Swings 1.5/1*

10 Burpees

Double Unders Can Be Divided Any Way You Choose, Before switching on the KB’s and Burpees 1 person must complete a whole round.


100 Band Pull Aparts (Mini Band)

Advanced Training

Pausing Clean Pulls


Pull From The Ground, Stop At The Knees for 1 second then finish an explosive clean pull. Go Heavy.

Between Each Set (7 x) do 5 Toes To Bar immediately followed by a 15 second L-Hang. If Possible Go Unbroken From The 5 to the :15 sec.

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  1. Christy Reply

    Congrats Mike!!

  2. Kristin P Reply

    Great job Mike and Kevin!!!So proud of all of the finishers!!! 🙂

  3. Ann M. Reply

    Congrats Mike and Kevin and to all who participated!!!
    Also thank you to Andrea for being my partner this morning. It was fun to work with you.
    4rounds plus 15 kb plus 2 .

  4. Christy Reply

    Congrats Kevin, too!!

  5. Andrea Meagher Reply

    A. 185#
    B. Had the pleasure of working with Ann M this morning.,
    We got 4 rounds +15+2. Ann you did an awesome job with the double unders!!!
    Congrats to Mike and Kevin!!!!!
    The box looks amazing!!!

  6. Erin Meagher Reply

    Partnered with Sarah Lee!
    225 deadlift
    6 rounds plus 15 RX

    • Erin meagher Reply

      And I forgot to say congrats guys!

  7. pam Reply

    Congrats Mike!

  8. Andy Mathieson Reply

    Finished the open this morning with Mark being my judge. Couldn’t have picked a better way to finish although I did not feel at the top of my game. Got 13:39 for 15.5. About what I was expecting since my thrusters are such a weak movement of mine. After doing the open Rx’d for the first time this year, I now know I have the ability to do things I never thought I’d be able to do (stringing muscle ups and doing HSPU’s) as well as what I need to work on to become stronger. Thank you everyone that pushed me and helped me get through the open wod’s I thought I wouldn’t get through!

    • Kevin Medeiros Reply

      Nicely done Andy!

    • Jmiles Reply

      Good work bro

  9. Kevin Medeiros Reply

    I knew I should have waited a little longer for my final weigh in. I may have caught Mike:-). Congratulations Mike and everyone who participated in the challenge. I know personally I learned a lot from it. Looking forward to be being back tomorrow healthy finally after a losing battle with the flu and then the bonus ailment of bronchitis.

  10. Chris Tufts Reply

    Congrats everyone on the great work!

    A 285
    B 2+14 kbs did 4 min jump rope

  11. Sarah S Reply

    Congrats Mike and Kevin and great work Andy!
    200# sumo
    3 + 1…after a painful 4 minutes of doubles…but the highlight of the day was watching little Owen do kettlebell swings! All the kids worked really hard today:)

  12. Jmiles Reply

    A) 425 (20lb pr) B) partnered with Molly S. For 8 rounds plus 12rx

  13. Sarah Lee Reply

    Great job everyone that did the challenge!!

    225 # deadlift. Thanks for being my partner Erin! It was so great working out with the 5:30 crew! I give you all so much credit for getting up early and putting up great numbers for us to chase.

  14. Kelly Cook Reply

    Congratulations Mike and everyone who participated in the challenge! Great job!

    A) 245#, 10 lb PR!
    B) 5 rds + 1 KB Rx, partnered with Traci (who also PR’d today on the deadlift!). I struggled a little through the double unders today, but it was still a fun WOD!

  15. Ann workman Reply

    165#. Enjoyed working with Christy and Dawn. The box looks great. Congrats to Mike and Kevin. Admiration for everyone completing the open.

  16. Tunay Reply

    Congrats Kevin and Mike!! Congrats everyone who participated in the challenge, it was not easy thats for sure!!
    A) 210# PR!!
    B) partnered with Mimi
    3+10 (I did singles)

  17. Traci Bushy Reply

    Congratulations mike! And kevin! And to everyone who did the challenge!

    Fun workout with Kelly! Thanks for partnering up with me!

  18. Mark Lee Reply

    What an awesome day at the box and on the blog! Love the community at C3!!!

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