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CrossFit Cape Cod Monday March 23rd

March 22, 2015


CrossFit Cape Cod WOD

Partner WOD:

20 Rounds Total

1 Person Works 1 Person Rests;

8 x 10 meter Shuttle Sprint

8 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20

Partner 1 Does a full round, then rest while partner 2 does a full round. The tem trades back and forth like this until they have completed the total of 20 rounds.

Advanced Training:

15.4 Retest

The Test Of Fitness

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  1. Amy Squeglia Reply

    That was a gasser! Happy to have Sean as a partner! Wouldn’t have wanted to do that one alone! Great coaching Josh, glad to have you on the team.

  2. Heidi Reply

    26:10…thanks for partnering with me Sarah!

  3. Liz Reply

    25:50 RX with Dawn. Nice working out with you Dawn!

    • Dawn Reply

      You too Sarah, you helped keep me going!

  4. Erin Meagher Reply

    Great picture Christy!

  5. Tunay Reply

    23:58 Rx with Mimi. Thanks for the extra push Mimi and Mark.

  6. Zach Reply

    23:28 Rx w/ Kevin M- marathon man

  7. Kelly Cook Reply

    25:52 Rx with Bushy and Christina. Go Team Purple!

  8. Kevin Mikolazyk Reply

    23:28 with zach…I like partner wods…i forces me to keep going…

  9. jonathan miles Reply

    Jon/Bucky 18:14 Rx

  10. Mark Reply

    Jana was an awesome partner!!! We really pushed each other and ended with a respectable 25 flat. Thanks for making me jump in with the 4:30 guys:)

  11. Caroline Reply

    The Dewey Duo got 20:20 Rx, both used 24″ box.

    Had fun racin against JaManda!

  12. Ann Workman Reply

    32:19 Fun partnering with Ann Massi. The “A” team.

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