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CrossFit Cape Cod Monday 6/23/14

June 23, 2014

CrossFit Cape Cod

Workout Of The Day

Bench Press
Max Reps At 85% 1 Rep Max

Followed By

4 Rounds For Time
3 Rounds Of Cindy
Run 400m

(1 Rounds Of Cindy Is 5 Pull Ups 10 Push Ups 15 Air Squats. Do 3 Rounds Of This Then Run 400 Meters = 1 Round)

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  1. Erin McGee Reply

    (Mix of blue and blue/purple, box push ups)

  2. Erin Meagher Reply

    95 – 7 reps
    Was in the 3rd round when I ran out of time! Plate push-ups and chest to bar
    Great coaching Amy!!

  3. jlockwood Reply

    Mason, thank you for telling me about using plates during the bench press. You opened up a whole new work for this shorty. Part a: 70 @ 7x part b: 32:42. I used the gr/bl bands, box push-ups, and could only manage to run 200 m on the last set. This workout was both a killer and awesome.

  4. Kelly Cook Reply

    95 x 3 reps; 33:23 used red band for first full round, switched to red and purple and box push ups for last three rounds.

  5. Heidi Lacava Reply

    A. 75#X9
    B. 32:05 ( purple band)

  6. Andy Mathieson Reply

    A. 165# x5
    B. 27:30 Rx

  7. Kevin Medeiros Reply

    A: 175 x 2 – still battling an arm issue
    B: 28:56 (green/purple and last round I did box push ups.) Arms were toast.

    Tough one especially after the 200’s and deadlifts I did yesterday. My legs and arms were mush. Oddly fun though.

  8. Joshua Rice Reply

    210 x 7
    17:26 advanced

  9. kerri Reply

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. kerri Reply

    B. 30:10 b/p bands

  11. Allan Fleck Reply

    A. 225# X 7
    B. 17:34 Great chasing Josh and Matt. great Job everyone!! that was a burner!!!

  12. Terry obrien Reply

    110 x 5
    25:12 RX

  13. Liz Ouellette Reply

    a) 70 x 5- I think this is more than the 1 rep max I had from a couple months ago..
    b) 31:37-
    oh let’s see… blue band for 3 rounds, blue & purple for the 4th.
    Floor push ups for the 1st 2 rounds, box push ups for the last 2.
    Thank you Meghan for benching with me & sticking with me through that burner.. your encouragement was so helpful!
    & thank you Mark for running a second timer so I could finish the WOD!! 🙂

  14. Christopher Judkins Reply

    21:04 strict pullups/plate pushups to deficit

  15. Zach Reply

    24:16 Rx

    Tough one

  16. sarah lee Reply

    Didn’t finish in time for the 30 minute cutoff this afternoon. I was on track for 33:30 working on my last round of pull-ups. Did chest to bar pull-ups and plate push-ups. It was discouraging not finishing but 120 push-ups is killer for me. I was so impressed with everyone that pushed through to the end!

  17. sarah lee Reply

    95x 3 bench.

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