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CrossFit Cape Cod, Monday 3/24/14

March 24, 2014

CrossFit Cape Cod

Workout Of The Day

5 Cycles
AMRAP 3 Minutes 
10 Wall Ball
8 Burpees
6 Push Press 135/95 
Followed By A 1 Minute Rest Between Cycles

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  1. Erin Meagher Reply

    Great pic Nettie!
    7 rounds plus ? used #85

  2. Christopher Tufts Reply

    6 +10 + 2 used 65#

    Shoulders are killing me, hopefully we have a challenge coming back, I need a real reason to start eating correctly again… (not that I should…)

  3. Paul S Reply

    Hi Mark & Sarah,
    Back from vacation; shoulder is better, but not there yet. Will give it another week. If OK will be back next Monday, if not will have it looked at, hopefully the former. Will continue the PT exercises from the last time this happened and non-shoulder involved work at home. Hope to see you next week.

  4. Terry obrien Reply

    7 rounds plus 1 WB (14#) 75# PP
    Enjoyed this WOD

  5. Jen Heinlein Reply

    14.4 – 60 cals + 13 toes to bar. Just happy to hit that bar at all!
    Then the WOD – 7 rounds with 8# ball and 45# bar.

  6. Nettie Reply

    6 + 2 with 75#

  7. Kevin Medeiros Reply

    8 + 10 + 3

    Fun WOD

  8. Erin Gretzinger Reply

    Jen,how amazing are you to do 14.4, then this wod!! Impressive!
    6+3 (75#)

  9. jonathan miles Reply


  10. Sean Mastro Reply

    5 to 7 rounds; can’t count; can’t talk n chew gum; give me one of those golf score clickers to keep track!

  11. Mark Lee Reply

    Nice work today everyone! See you soon Paul!

  12. sarah lee Reply

    Hurry back Paul!

    Did 14.4 today. 156 reps. My back/hips are finally feeling better. Looking forward to working hard this week!

  13. Allan Fleck Reply

    Nice work tonight Mason, Sarah and Judkins!! I’m hearing a nutrition challenge calling my name as well Chris!

    8 +19 RX.

    14.4 183

  14. Bushy Reply

    Mason- way to improve on 14.4
    Al – nice work on those muscle ups
    Zach – how to crush todays WOD
    Erin – 2nd WOD (coaching kids class) looked tough!
    Stay Classy C3…

  15. Kelly Cook Reply

    8 rounds plus 2 wall balls. Did first round Rx, but only got 3 reps at 95# on the 2nd round so stripped down to 75# for the rest. Thanks Chris and Jamin for the encouragement. You guys definitely helped me push myself.

  16. Ann Reply

    7 rnds +10+ 8+ 1. With 10 lb wb and 55#

  17. Christopher Judkins Reply

    171rx on 14.4, wish I had done that twice cause I really wanted to get to those muscle ups! Too many no reps and should have picked up the pace on the cleans. Way to go Allan and Mason for picking up a few more reps on their second attempts!

    Big, fun classes all evening, even the intro! Way to go everyone, great way to start off the week!

  18. mason Reply

    Thanks Bushy!
    Allan, awesome work on getting two more muscle ups. It was great to watch.
    Re-did 14.4 and got three more reps, was hoping for a few more but oh well…on to the final wod of the open.
    Great job Sarah and Chris on 14.4!

  19. Erin Meagher Reply

    Great job today everyone!!! Kids class was crazy but fun! 13 boys ages 4-8??? Yikes!!!

  20. Shannah Jaburek Reply

    6 rounds + 10 + 8 + 2 with the 10# WB and 65#

  21. Heidi Lacava Reply

    7rds +10 + 3 @ 75#

  22. tracibushy Reply

    I didn’t count, all I know is Erin is a kids class magician! Awesome job everyone, on the WOD, and 14.4!!

  23. Liz Ouellette Reply

    Stopped after burpees on my sixth round.. Jamin saw me nursing my shoulder and had me stop. (thanks for that!)
    6# wb, 45# bar

    Great job on 14.4 everyone!!

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