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CrossFit Cape Cod, Monday 2/17/14

February 17, 2014

CrossFit Cape Cod

Workout Of The Day
5 Rounds For Time
Bear Crawl 100 feet
Standing Broad Jump 100 feet
Do 3 Burpees After Every 5 Broad Jumps

“Arnold’s Blueprint”
An Inspirational Video
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  1. Paul S Reply

    11:20 Nice WOD for me today, fast and brief. Great change of pace and different which is what CF is all about.

  2. sarah lee Reply

    12:18. Fun little wod.

  3. Tim Reply

    I left my black and blue vest at the 830 class. Can someone put it behind counter.

  4. Sarah Sprague Reply

    10 something, forgot to look at clock…I’m thinking I didn’t do this wod right:/

  5. Sean Mastro Reply

    So in the spirit of Arnold who talks about, there is no such thing as can’t, I say, you can’t stay young and healthy.

  6. Erin Meagher Reply


  7. Terry obrien Reply

    13:14 enjoyed that WOD nice change

  8. Jen Heinlein Reply

    16:08 and smoked my quads for the day!

  9. Andy Mathieson Reply

    Did Fridays WOD. Got 185 @ 95#.

    Leg’s getting stronger everyday! 🙂

  10. Shannah Jaburek Reply

    14:01…fun but tough after all that shoveling yesterday!!!

  11. Kelly Cook Reply

    12:05. Tough one on the legs!

  12. KristinP Reply

    11:20 and I’m exhausted…thanks for making me chase you Ann!!!

  13. camille romano Reply

    15:06. Mason: Thanks for the encouragement at just the right times. Everyone was awesome. So glad I went. 🙂

  14. Matt Reply

    Big fan of this one. Chased Allan’s time and was pretty sure I had him until, you know, I got tired. 7:52

    100%, 2 points, 16 total.

  15. Ashley Reply

    10:32 1 point

  16. Liz Ouellette Reply

    17:13….Sigh. Killer workout!

  17. Allan Fleck Reply

    6:37 Nice work Matt!! and what a great mobility session by Mason After!!

  18. mason Reply

    Allan, you crushed that wod! Next time you’ll have to wear the weighted vest :). Great work by everyone tonight. Stretch those glutes before bed.

  19. Heidi Lacava Reply


  20. Tim Reply

    3 points today. Two wods today. 100%

  21. Chris Massi Reply

    2 points today. 10:41

  22. Kelly Cook Reply

    Only 1 point today, and 0 points for the rest of this past weekend. I’ve been on a mini vacation and have allowed myself a few little cheats. Hopefully back on track tomorrow.

  23. Ann Massi Reply

    2 points today. 11:01 on the WOD. And Kristen, glad I could help. I hope some day I can come close to being able to keep up with you on the weights!!!

  24. Kevin Mikolazyk Reply


  25. Jamin Brouillard Reply

    1 point

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