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Crossfit Cape Cod Wednesday January 6th 2016 WOD

January 05, 2016

Crossfit Cape Cod

Wednesday 1-6-16


Push press


Met con

2 min of work of

double unders

rest 1min

2min of Ctb pull ups

rest 1 min

2 min of Ring dips

rest 1min

2 min sit ups

score is total reps of each


10 min of work

muscle up progression

working from the low rings (chest to shoulder height) in false grip.

focus on good transitional movement, landing in the very bottom of the dip

pressing out every time. if you are feeling good throw in some hips to rings in-between sets.


Coach Amy will be holding a mobility class This Saturday at 10 am so come on in and get loose! $5 for member’s and $10 for non member’s. Feel free to bring a friend!

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  1. Erin Meagher Reply

    110 (3) push press – great working with you Amy!
    117du 22 chest to bar no idea for dips and sit-ups:)

  2. Kevin Medeiros Reply

    A: 215# x 3
    B: Complete (lost track)
    Always nice to see the 5:30 am crew.

  3. Emily A Reply

    115# for push press
    220 reps Rx but on the dip bar, no band
    Optional done! Or at least, attempted. 🙂

  4. Kristin P Reply

    90 x 3, 95 x 1. 212, maybe? I can’t remember exactly but it’s correct on the board:) red band for dips.

  5. Nicole Reply

    A)Worked up to 120×3, 125×2 Push Press
    B)168 total
    Great 8:30 class…Thank you Sarah!

  6. Terry Reply

    115×3. 120×2 Push press
    228 RX (dips on bar)

  7. Kelly Cook Reply

    120×3, got 125×1 but couldn’t get any more
    161 total reps I think with a multitude of bands for pull ups and dips

  8. Sarah S Reply

    161 purple band
    Thanks Chris!

  9. Allan Reply

    225#x3 Jamin said I jerked under my second 245# so I can count it for the 3’s.
    192,46,28,57 323 total

  10. Mase Reply

    222 rx with ghd sit-ups.

  11. Sarah Lee Reply

    100x 3

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