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CrossFit Cape Cod Friday June 5th

June 04, 2015

CrossFit Cape Cod WOD


2 Cleans On The Minute For 10 Minutes


 1 Push Press

1 Push Jerk

1 Split Jerk

*For these, start at a moderate load and increase the weight each round. Once you fail in the push press, you will eliminate that movement and continue climbing up the ladder with 1x push jerk + 1x split jerk. Once you fail in the push jerk, continue climbing up the ladder with 1x split jerk. Once you miss in the split jerk, you are done. Start around 70% of your push jerk and add from there. Keep Rest Brief.

Advanced Training

15 Handstand Push Ups

10 Muscle Ups

12 Handstand Push Ups

8 Muscle Ups

9 Handstand Push Ups

6 Muscle Ups

6 Handstand Push Ups

4 Muscle Ups

3 Handstand Push Ups

2 Muscle Ups

If You Are Excellent At One Or Both Movement Use A Weightvest Or Do Them Strict.

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  1. Andrea Meagher Reply

    A. Worked up to 80#
    B. Worked up to 90# I think??
    Thanks Mark:) Have a nice weekend everybody!

  2. Erin Meagher Reply

    A- up to #115
    110- pp, pj, split jerk
    115- pj, split jerk
    125 – split jerk
    Happy Friday!

  3. Kevin Medeiros Reply

    Allan might have Shrek’s ears, but I have Shrek’s body:-) Head always on a swivel when Christy is around.

    A: 195# Power cleans (couldn’t get down in a squat)
    B: 195# PP / 215 PJ&SJ

  4. Josh Reply

    A. 225#
    B. Got to 185# before failing at push press
    Advanced complete at 14:11

  5. Erin Lewis Reply

    A) 65#
    B) 80# 90# 105#

    did advanced training-used bands for muscle ups

  6. Zach Reply

    A) 235#
    B) 225, 245, 265

  7. Mase Reply

    A) 125 squat clean
    B) 125 split jerk, 115 push jerk, 95 push press
    Worked pull-ups in the rings, negative hspus

  8. Heidi Lacava Reply

    A. 95# squat clean
    B. PP 85# PJ and SJ 100# thanks for working with me Liz you did awesome!

    • Liz Reply

      thanks Heidi! so glad you made it to 4:30 today. I needed the push 🙂

  9. Dawn Reply

    85# squat clean
    115 for all 3. I think if I had more time, I may have failed my
    Push jerk around 120#. Still felt strong on my push press and push jerk though.
    Next time…

  10. Justin Neviackas Reply

    205 across on Cleans
    165 PP, 195 PJ 205 SJ
    Did as much of the AT as I could tip my hand ripped on the MU’s Got to 4 through the round of 6

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