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Crossfit Cape Cod Friday May 29th

May 28, 2015


CrossFit Cape Cod WOD

Front Squat




Advanced Training

On The Minute For 14 Minutes

Odd: :30 seconds Row

Even: :30 seconds Handstand Push Ups

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  1. Andrea Meagher Reply

    135# front squat
    70# press
    Thanks Mark! Happy Friday:)

  2. Dawn Reply

    175# front squat-PR!
    85# strict press
    Thanks got the push Mark!

    • Sarah S Reply

      So impressive watching you lift that!

  3. Erin Lewis Reply

    125# front squat
    85# press

    really wanted to do more but was struggling to get bar off of my wrists and on my shoulders. did finally get it towards the end though

  4. Erin Meagher Reply

    You are so strong Dawn!!!
    Did happy and row -2 mats

    • Erin Meagher Reply

      That’s HSPU:)

    • Dawn Reply

      I appreciate that Erin, thank you!

  5. Caroline Reply

    Congrats on the PR Dawn!

    150# front squat
    100# press

    AT)6/4, 7/4, 8/7, 8/6, 8/6, 8/6, 9/6
    Did strict HSPUs til failure then kipped for the remaining time each set (first 2 sets strict and then would get 1 or 2 strict each set for the rest of them)

    • Dawn Reply

      Thank you Caroline!

  6. Terry Reply

    170# Front Squat
    went light on press (nursing a sore shoulder)

  7. Mark Lee Reply

    So fun working with the morning crews! Awesome job everyone, happy Friday!

  8. Sarah Lee Reply

    Wow Dawn! Awesome!

  9. Jen H. Reply

    165# front squat (10# PR) and 80# press
    Then barbell club!!

  10. Heidi Reply

    FS 145 SP 65

  11. Allan Fleck Reply

    325#, 185#
    1223m, 77 hspu’s

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