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CrossFit Cape Cod Friday 6/13/14

June 13, 2014
Meghan and Landon

CrossFit Cape Cod 

Workout Of The Day

Bench Press
Max Reps at 75% of your 1 rep max

6 Rounds For Time
10 Walking Lunges
2 Rope Climbs*
8 Dips

*Sub in 6 Strict Knees To Elbows Per Climb If You Cant Climb The Rope.

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  1. Meg Fleck Reply

    I guess I have to blog now! Smooth moves with the pic, didn’t even know you were there!

  2. Erin McGee Reply

    A. 65 # x 5
    B. 12: ? Did 1 rope climb each round instead of 2, red band dips. Exhausted today, but fun one!

  3. Erin Meagher Reply

    85 for 10 reps
    16:01- purple band

  4. Kevin Medeiros Reply

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Kevin Medeiros Reply

    A: 175# x 3 went back down to 155# and did 7.
    B: 14:54 with knees to elbows. I may have done an extra round. I completely lost track. Either way it wasn’t very pretty.

    Really tired and sore this morning and just wasn’t mentally or physically into it especially at 6am.

  6. kerri Reply

    A. 10 @ 85#
    B. 13:50 w. 1 rope climb instead of 2 and r/p for ring dips.
    First rope climb! Woo!

  7. Liz Ouellette Reply

    a.) 13 @ 55#
    b.) 12:40- KTE and blue band for dips

  8. Heidi Lacava Reply

    A. 65#X10
    B. 20:41 (red band for dips) all rope climbs thanks to Mark helping me finish the right way! Thanks!

  9. sarah lee Reply

    Congrats Kerri!

    85×5. 12:55 purple band.

  10. Zach Reply

    14:10- mixture of all things

  11. Mark Lee Reply

    Looking pretty Cut Meghan!

  12. Kelly Cook Reply

    85# x 9
    16:59 with 1 rope climb per round. I had a tough time with the rope climbs tonight!

    Congrats Kerri! First rope climb is an awesome feeling!

    Sarah, thanks for the push to do the extra work tonight after the WOD! It felt great to get in some extra practice!

  13. Christopher Judkins Reply

    A) 175# x 13
    B) 10:15rx+

  14. Allan Fleck Reply

    A. 205 x 11
    B. 9:50

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