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Crossfit Cape Cod Sunday December 27th 2015 WOD

December 26, 2015

Crossfit Cape Cod

 Sunday 12/27/15


Surprise WOD!

I’m sure the coach won’t let you down.

See you there!!

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  1. Sam Miles Reply

    Sam and Craig
    33:18 Rx

  2. M Rice Reply

    Meghan and Traci 3:47 🙂

    • Sarah Lee Reply

      You girls are fast:)

      • M Rice Reply

        LOL plus 45:00 missed you!!

      • Nicole Reply

        Missed you Sarah!

  3. Josh Reply

    1000 reps – solo: 44:34 Rx

  4. Hatch Reply

    Hatch and Emily
    2 days and 5 hours

    The music this am was ON POINT!!!! John taking it waaaay way back old school hip hop. Woot!!

    • Nicole Reply

      Hahahahahhaa… you two are so strong!
      I agree the music was the perfect choice…

  5. Sarah S Reply

    Well that was something!
    Thanks Ann for partnering with me, we got it done!
    55 something with some scaling…

  6. Hatch Reply

    And what’s this about we were supposed to choose up to four movements???? We did them ALL!!!!!!!

    • Nicole Reply

      Hahahahahhaa… you two are so strong!
      I agree the music was the perfect choice…
      Terry and I did them all too!

  7. Lori Neviackas Reply

    Couldn’t make it in today, but just finishing up a long “garage WOD” at home with my sister.

  8. Terry Reply

    Teamed up with Nicole 44:40 RX (dips done with purple band)
    Awesome WOD and loved teaming with Nicole, she’s so strong

    • Nicole Reply

      It was great partnering up with you Terry…it was like old times when I first started CrossFit with you! You kicked my butt!!!

  9. Ann Reply

    Hey Sarah we did over and above the 1000 reps. 74 times 15= 1,110 reps. That explains our time a bit more.
    It was awesome partnering with you today:-)

  10. Nicole Reply


  11. Nicole Reply

    Am I the only one that noticed Josh’s time! He beat us and he did it solo!!! You rock Josh!!!

  12. Terry Reply

    I expect nothing less from Josh… He’s a machine… Great job

  13. Ann Reply

    Btw Sarah S. Are you on Facebook? Nicole posted some nice pics and you and I were there doing those last push presses.

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