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Crossfit Cape Cod December 14th 2015 WOD

December 13, 2015


Crossfit Cape Cod

12/14/15 Monday


EMOM 8 min.

1 Hang  Clean & Jerk


4 Rounds for Time


10 Hang Cleans 135/95

10 Toes to bar


“Flight Test”

Unbroken DU


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  1. Jon miles Reply

    Yes Tyler, I’m worried. Real. Real worried.

    But seriously you look so great in that uniform.

  2. Christy Lynch Reply

    Hot Damn!! Calendar needs to be modified!! Great shot!!!

  3. Terry Reply

    Tyler’s Angels

    • Sarah Lee Reply

      You are brilliant.

  4. Kevin Medeiros Reply

    Now that is a great picture.

  5. Erin Meagher Reply

    This is just a great picture! Danielle:)!!!
    12:22 2 mats/95 was struggling this am!!
    Thanks josh!

  6. Josh Reply

    10:01 Rx. Hook grip, hook grip, hook grip. That got the forearm hot!

  7. TyTy Reply

    155-225; 9:50 Rx; 4:53. That flight was tough after that forearm burner!

    Thanks for the great photo idea Mase! Hilarious, im honored.

  8. pauls Reply

    9:25 @ 75#

  9. Lori Neviackas Reply

    Worked up to 95#
    12:27 75#, box hspu
    Worked on double unders, can’t quite do the flight test yet

  10. Terry Reply

    13:34 RX
    Optional done

  11. Justin Reply

    185 up to 215 and back to 205 of the emom. 7:36 for the wod and 4:15 for the flight test.

  12. Nicole Reply

    Hang clean and jerk:105×1, 115×3, 125×4.
    14:28 (I think) @ 95#. I actually was able to do some HSPU, rest were negatives.

    • Nicole Reply

      Note to self….don’t do a happy dance of excitement when you finally get a handstand pushup WHILE you still upside down…

  13. Sam Miles Reply

    A) 165# B) 20:24 I did the HSPU and T2B, but used 115#

  14. Sarah S Reply

    Love the pic! And great job Sam!
    14:28 75# 2 ab mats
    Thanks Sarah!

  15. Sarah Lee Reply

    Sam, I can’t believe how strong you have gotten. You have more determination than any 15 year old I’ve ever met! Great job sticking with those HSPUs.

    I was so pumped to make the 3:30 class and get to coach at 4:30. That was the perfect end to the day.
    Worked up to 120#
    9:07 box HSPU/ 75 pound cleans.

    • Sam Miles Reply

      Thanks guys, I couldn’t have finished that last round without your support.

  16. Chris Massi Reply

    17:45 wrote Rx but I lied 1 mat. That was quite rough, but it was my last day at the box for a bit so I made sure I did the damn thing. Flight test done, which sucked as well! I’ll see you guys soon!

    • Sarah Lee Reply

      I hope your new job goes well! Come visit when you are in town.

  17. Mase Reply

    Good luck with everything Chris. Hope to see you back soon.
    Good fight thru that wod Sam!
    125# hang clean & jerk
    5:13 flight test.
    Love that photo!

  18. Kelly Cook Reply

    95/115/125 hang clean and jerk
    11:42, 95#, scaled HSPU with KB strict presses and scaled t2b with high knees
    Attempted flight test several times. Eventually got 10-20-30-30 twice in a row and called it quits. Will try again another day!

  19. Allan Reply

    225×2,245×3,255×3 C&J
    5:56 Rx Oh my forearms!!
    5:52 not a pr tripped up a couple of times in the 40’s next time!
    Chris You will defiantly be missed!! Can’t wait to see you again. I hope everything works out well!

  20. Christopher Judkins Reply

    So much focus, determination, and enthusiasm tonight great job everyone! I’m not exaggerating in the slightest when I say working with you guys is the best part of my day. So inspiring to see people fighting thru a workout but always leaving with a smile 🙂

  21. Andy Mathieson Reply

    225# – dropped down to 205# for last 2 lifts
    10:04 Rx

  22. Traci Bushy Reply

    Love that picture!! Nice job today to the morning classes!!
    Good luck Chris!!

  23. Erin Lewis Reply

    A) 75-105#
    B) 11:48 2 mats @75#
    finally getting toes 2 bar! could do 4-6 a set 🙂

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