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Crossfit Cape Cod December 12th 2015 WOD

December 11, 2015

 crossfit-pyramidCrossfit Cape Cod

12/12/15 Saturday


200m run


200m run


Pull ups

Wall balls 20/14

Every time your feet touch the ground during the pulls ups or the Wall ball touches the ground run an additional 200m run

Work out ends with 9 wall balls, not a run.


EMOM 10min: 3 Hang Cleans + 1 Jerk

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  1. Terry Reply

    Great job Josh and Jamin on the programming this week
    Enjoyed them all, still sore from GhD sit-ups with a wall ball
    I’m loving all the big classes

  2. Justin Reply

    Any chance of getting a 7 am class on Saturdays? I can’t make it every weekend, but every other Saturday it’s the only time I can get there.

  3. Andy Mathieson Reply

    6:47 Rx
    Optional – 155#

  4. Kelly Cook Reply

    19:07 I think, r/b bands, 14# ball. I ran so many times!!!!
    Optional: 95#

  5. Jen Reply

    Great 8am class! Thanks Jonathan and Mase! Not sure of time but I ran a lot!!!

  6. Erin Meagher Reply

    Fun wod! Either 10:07 or 11:07 RX forget what I wrote!
    95, 115,125 for optional

  7. Josh Reply

    4:17 Rx
    My one in every four week workout where I beat Al and Jamin. Holla!

  8. Sarah Lee Reply

    Haha, good job Josh!

    10:00 RX. I did better than I expected so that was fun!

  9. jmiles Reply

    7:40 RX. My everyday workout I dont beat Al and Jamin. And Andy, and Tyler. And Josh. And a few others im probably forgetting.

    175 on the optional

    • Andy Mathieson Reply

      Jon, you beat me more often than not. Haha.

  10. Mase Reply

    11:13 rx to the 10′. A lot harder than it looked. Thanks Jamin!!

  11. TyTy Reply

    4:52 Rx

  12. Jamin Reply

    Worked out with Allan before class. He beat by seven seconds.. Having someone to chase has always pushed me to work harder.

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