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Crossfit Cape Cod December 10th 2015 WOD

December 09, 2015



Crossfit Cape Cod

Thursday 12-10-15

Skill Work

EMOM: 14min

Pick two movements; perform one on the even, one on the odd minute*

*think of movements you don’t like to see come up in wods or need to work on.

Rest 7 min


3 Rounds for time:

15 Sit ups

15 KB swings 1.5/1

We are ordering the new Crossfit Cape Cod shirts and sweatshirts this weekend so if you haven’t already placed your order please do so by Saturday on the lists at the desk.  The sweatshirts are $50 and the baseball shirts are $25.

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  1. Josh Reply

    Bushy is totally a stud!

  2. Sarah Lee Reply


  3. Erin Meagher Reply


  4. Josh Reply

    Great 8:30 class! Great job Maria on the HS holds and Paul on your push ups! Keep up the solid work.

  5. pauls Reply

    A.) Push ups & DU Josh really helped a lot with these,thanks.
    B.) 2:52 1 pd

  6. Emily A Reply

    A) OHS and DU
    B) 3:15 with 45# KB … That was hard!!

  7. Erin McGee Reply

    A. Thrusters and strict pull-ups/negatives
    B. 2:46 rx
    Super fun 830 class! thanks Josh

  8. Sarah Lee Reply

    Strict pullups and clean pulls. Thanks Josh for your help on the cleans!

    • Sarah Lee Reply

      2:30 rx

  9. jmiles Reply

    strict pull ups/strict ring dips
    2:20 RX

  10. Andy Mathieson Reply

    A. Muscle ups – 3,3,3,2,2,2
    HSPU’s – 5,5,5,3,3,3
    B. 2:16 Rx

  11. Erin Lewis Reply

    thrusters & pull ups
    3:20 Rx

  12. Mase Reply

    Good work tonight everyone! I like when skill work wods come up.
    1. It keeps you focused on your goals
    2. They eventually help you conquer those tough movements
    3. It allows you to work on progressions of a movement and focus on technique
    It’s nice every once in awhile not to have to chase the clock!

  13. Ann Workman Reply

    I like skill work too. Did pulls ups and double unders.

  14. Jamin Reply

    Had fun racing Amanda and Andy.. we all tied. Nice job

    • Andy Mathieson Reply

      That was a fun little wod. Thought I had you guys!

  15. Traci Reply

    Great job tonight on the skills tonight! It’s always good to work on the things we don’t necessarily love… Makes them that much easier when they come up in WODS! Keep up the good work everyone!

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