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CrossFit Cape Cod 7/18/14

July 18, 2014

CrossFit Cape Cod

Workout Of The Day


Clean and Jerk

Only 1 Week Left Until The Games Start!
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  1. Bushy Reply

    Who smiles whilst snatching?
    Anyway, thats one hot pic!
    The blue rug is nice too…

  2. Liz Ouellette Reply

    Bushy, I was told “you’re not suppose to be smiling” while I was finishing my last 400 Monday… maybe we just enjoy the work! 😛

    • Christopher Judkins Reply

      No I said you’re not supposed to be able to talk cause you should be breathing too hard, everyone should smile freely a well as post to the blog and write times on the white board 😀

  3. Christopher Tufts Reply

    115# (PR or matched my PR, can’t remember…)

    125# (I am pretty sure that was a PR, as I haven’t done clean and Jerks in a long time…)

    my shoulder isn’t feeling hot so I didn’t push too crazy. I did use my new jump rope though! post wod

  4. JoJo Mikolazyk Reply

    Happy to see everyone’s happy, smiling faces this morning! 35# snatch, 50# c&j

  5. Erin Meagher Reply

    So great to see you JoJo
    Worked up to 80 snatch
    135 for clean and jerk -tried for 140 but couldn’t jerk it today!

  6. mason Reply

    Yeahhh JoJo!
    Nice work Erin on those lifts.
    Kill cliff is in the house!! Woohoo, im not addicted or anything lol

  7. Mark Lee Reply

    Great to see you back JoJo!

    Neither were PRs but they felt pretty good. Thanks for the help Jamin!

  8. Kevin Medeiros Reply

    135# snatch / 165# clean and jerk (PR).

    Didn’t have much left in the tank this morning. I’m pretty beaten up from the beast of a week, but it was an awesome week. Great working with Bushy. A couple of rest days are in my future.

  9. Allan Fleck Reply

    snatch #195 p.r.!!
    c&j #235
    This really was a lot of fun!!!

  10. Liz Ouellette Reply

    snatch- I kept it light to work on impeccable form… we’ll keep it at that.
    clean & jerk – 95#.. 15# PR
    Worked half way up the rope after class- Thank you Mason & Shannah for the help!!

  11. mason Reply

    80# power snatch
    115# squat clean and jerk
    That squat clean was a burner. Still progressing on the jerk of getting a wide split and under the bar.
    Nice pr Allan!!

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