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CrossFit Cape Cod 2-4-15

February 04, 2015




Workout Of The Day

“Focus Work”

12 Minute Clock

Choose 2 Movements

Movement 1 Odd Minutes, Movement 2 Even Minutes

Rest 3 Minutes

Choose 2 More Movements And Repeat.

All Levels Perform

100 Tricep Press Downs

100 Band Pull Aparts

After The Skill Work

Advanced Training


For The Focus Work:

Max Muscle Ups For The First :30 seconds Rest :30

Max Pistols :30 seconds Rest :30

2nd 12 Minutes

4 x Hang Power Cleans 205/115

8 x Handstand Push Ups

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  1. Mase Reply

    AT: mu progression in band and pistols
    4x 115 hang power clean and hspus need to work on keeping those feet on wall!
    Congratulations to Josh and Megan and Owen on their new addition Rylan!
    Did flight test in 8:38
    100 pull aparts and pull downs done

  2. Allan Reply

    A. MU’s 8-5, pistols 22-18
    hang clean x4 @205#, 8 HSPU’s
    B. band work Done.!!

  3. Sarah Lee Reply

    Front squats, dips, pullups, pistols.

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