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CrossFit Cape Cod 2-10-15

February 10, 2015


Workout Of The Day


5 Rounds For Time

12 Deadlifts 155/105

9 Hang Power Cleans 155/105

35 Double Unders

20 Minute Time Cap


4 Rounds Not For Time

10 Bent Over Rows

25 Seated Plate Twists(Keep Feet Elevated) 45/25

Advanced Training

5 Sets

3 Snatch Pulls

Start From Below The Knee For 3 Consecutive Reps Per Set. Go Heavier Than You Snatch For a 1 RM.

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  1. Andrea Meagher Reply

    A) 17:51, 85# 1st rd and 75# for the rest.
    B) 65#
    Thanks Jamin!

  2. Erin Meagher Reply

    13:57 rx
    Hope the nutrition challenge is going well for everyone so far!

  3. Jen H. Reply

    I *hate* that I have missed yet another Tuesday morning barbell club. I’ll be there next week, come hell or high snow.

  4. Sarah Lee Reply

    15:51 RX.

  5. Chris T Reply

    105# completed in 20 minutes, scaled the DU.

    b part I think I worked with 65# and used a 25# plate for the plate twists…

    fun wod, wish I coul dget double unders more consistently (wish I had time to work on DU to get them more consistently har har!)

  6. JoJo Reply

    13:32 55# not feeling very strong today but 5:30pm carried me!

  7. jonathan miles Reply

    A) 9:07rx, B)135 C) done

  8. Kevin Medeiros Reply

    A: 14:46 @155# double SU
    B: 135# / 45#

  9. Josh Reply

    This workout proved that if I go into a WOD with a defeated mindset, I workout in a defeated mindset. Metcons with two pulling movements back to back are my nemesis. I was mentally gassed by the third round and it didn’t help that Al was already done. Anyways…. the mental game is just as much a factor as the physical.

    A. 13:40 Rx
    B. 135#

  10. Ann Workman Reply

    17+. 55# and struggled with du till rnd 3. Not a good WOD day for me:-(

  11. Christina Sotiros Reply

    I rowed 3K and did some mobility as my back is still not right. Nice work everyone.

  12. Mase Reply

    A. 16:03 rx 115#
    B. 65# row,25# twist

  13. Tunay Reply

    A) 18:12 95#
    B) 45#, 15# twist

  14. Kelly Cook Reply

    A. 16:39 Rx
    B. 65# row, 25# twist

    Really enjoyed the big 4:30 class today. Lots of good energy!!

  15. Amanda Reply

    Totally hear you josh! I told myself it was going to be hard… Then became even harder… 15:51 rx… Spent a lot of time looking at the bar on the cleans:( work in progress:(

  16. Allan Reply

    A. 7:16 rx
    B. 155#,45# done
    C. 245# x3

  17. Sarah S Reply

    17:09 105# deadlift, du’s, subbed 45# kb squat jumps for cleans…jump rope broke during 4th round:/

  18. Christy L Reply

    I struggled with this one. Three days into nutrition challenge and today felt like my first day at Crossfit. Not going to whine. I’m eating eggs and fruit before tomorrow’s wod.

    A. 75# 17:12
    B. 45# twist with 15#.

  19. Caroline Reply

    A) 11:53 Rx
    B) 65# row, 25# twist

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