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CrossFit Cape Cod 1/9/14 Reminder Bring A Friend Day Is Saturday

January 09, 2014
Question To The Members: How have you seen improvement in the above listed physicals skills thanks to CrossFit? (Any or all of them) Post answers to the comments section:) 

Saturday at 3:00 at 52 Dodson way east Falmouth, Ann Massi is throwing a. Paleo potluck, less than 2 miles from crossfit!

CrossFit Cape Cod

Workout Of The Day

Sumo Deadlift

Followed By

Tabata Row :20 on :10 off x 8
Rest 3:00
Tabata Double Unders :20 on :10 off x 8

Score Total From Each Movement.

Bring A Friend Day!
Saturday’s Classes 8am,9am, and 12:30pm Are All Going To Be Friend, Friendly. This is an awesome opportunity to introduce people to CrossFit. At 1:30 all who wish to, can hang around for some rock climbing! 
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  1. sarah lee Reply

    PARTY Saturday at Ann Massi’s house! It’s a paleo potluck. All are welcome!

  2. sarah lee Reply


  3. Michelle Hatch Reply

    Coming out of the other end of my sugar craving detox tunnel. I see the light!!! The chocolate covered almond stock has officially taken a nosedive.

    Dead #155. For now. Hope to one day be as strong as Erin at 225!!!

    Been 100% nutrition since challenge began. Kicking and screaming but infallible.

  4. Paul S Reply

    DL: 265# (PR)

    WOD: 43 row, 44 DU/132 SU

    All 10 components have improved for me, with the largest gains coming in strength, speed, power, and agility.

  5. Nettie Reply

    SDL – 165#, Row – 50, DU – 179
    100% today

  6. jlockwood Reply

    175# on the dead lift, 37 cal on the row, and 320 singles. 100% today.

  7. Sarah Sprague Reply

    195# on sdl
    35 row, 56 on doubles
    100%…feeling like I have more energy these last 2 days!

  8. Shannah Jaburek Reply

    160# on my sdl, 45 calories row, 64 double unders

  9. JoJo Mikolazyk Reply

    Everything has improved, especially my attitude per Kevin! 😉 Best Falmouth Road race time in five years this past August and first Spartan this past November. 145# sdl, 36 cal, a lot of singles. 🙂

  10. Erin Gretzinger Reply

    Sad I missed this wod.
    I agree with JoJo, crossfit has improved all listed above!
    100% today…had 2 adult carageenan spritzer’s while at a wine bar in Boston last night, when in Rome..so I guess that would put me somewhere around 70-80% for yesterday? See you at 9:30a, spritzer free!

  11. Ann Reply

    165# sumo DL. 43 on the row and I lost count on the DU’s. I started out slow on the DU’s but improved immensely over the eight rounds. Just got to keep working on them! It was great to make a 3:30 class and workout with Nettie!

    I made the Brazilian fish soup tonight!!! Thanks Sarah for the recipe tip. I bought the ingredients from your description and only think I’d like to add cilantro.
    Next I’m going to try Nettie’s pumpkin risotto.

  12. mason Reply

    Great pr’s by quite a few people tonight… Awesome!
    245 s dl
    54 row shoulders were tight and screaming then 201 doubles.
    Great job Bushy on those doubles.

  13. Ann Massi Reply

    100% yesterday
    100% today

  14. Mark Lee Reply

    100% Took a really needed rest day today, as I suspect many others did:)

  15. Kelly Cook Reply

    230 SDL, 5 pound PR
    49 cals on the row
    73 double unders. In the first 20 seconds, I strung together 20 doubles which is way more than I have ever done before.

    100% for nutrition today.

    CrossFit has definitely improved all of the above categories for me. I definitely feel like my endurance is far beyond what it ever was before. I have PR’d my 5K time by over 10 minutes from what it was before CrossFit. I also feel stronger just in dealing with everyday activities like carrying in groceries. I feel like an actual athlete for the first time in my life.

  16. Bushy Reply

    A rest day would have been nice, but i took enough rest days over the past 6 months…

    #325, 52 calories, 213 DUs

    100% Nutrition

    Go Team Traci!

    Erin – way to keep it real with the Spritzers!

    Sean – congrats on your Boston Marathon # this Spring – you will do great! And to answer Mark’s question – I am convinced that you can do CF 2-3 times/week and a long run on the weekend and finish a marathon in a respectable time, and more importantly, be able to walk and function normally the next day – which isn’t always the case for post-marathons…

  17. Rachel Dean Reply

    OK so, 100% today and yesterday, only 80% Tuesday (I had a glass of wine with din).

    190# on the SD today, 46 cal, 3 double unders (still working on these) and a lot of singles ;0)

    I just want to be a double under champion like Mason!!!! lol

  18. sarah lee Reply

    100 %.

  19. KristinP Reply

    Well, I can’t think of one thing in any of those categories, or in any other area of my life that hasn’t improved since I started doing CrossFit.

    95% cuz my dinner showed up with a little Parmesan cheese sprinkled on the top😡

  20. HaleyDawn Reply

    75% today bc I had a Greek yogurt with lunch. I was on the run and in a pinch today 🙁 but it was all worth it! I got a new job hehe!!
    Awsome 6am class… I think mark was channeling his inner yoga instructor this morning.

  21. Jen Heinlein Reply

    95% today, so close.
    I’m with Kelly on how I feel stronger with my everyday activities. Carrying things, moving things around, running up and down the stairs to the laundry in the basement. One of my big reasons for joining was how tired I felt all the time and now I feel strong and get so much done every day instead of loafing around feeling sorry.

  22. Kristen Menard Reply

    195# sumo dead lift – a PR, 38 Row and only 4 DU (I did get 198 singles tho)… HUGE thanks to Mason for pushing me through the WOD – would have never made it through without her encouragement!!! 100% for today.. Although I am having some major chocolate cravings.. 🙈

  23. Christopher Tufts Reply

    230# on the Dead Lift and I think I got 2-3 Double Unders, and 39 Cal on the Rowing.

    95% Wed 100% Thur lets see waht friday brings!

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