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April 06, 2010

Been seeing a lot of chalk hand prints on some of the ladies, not sure how they got there although…

…I have my suspicions!



For Time
Row 1000
500 Single Unders
Run 10m x 50

Compare to January 17th

Nutrition Challenge For April 6th-30th

Starting April 6th any participants of this challenge will adhere to “Paleo Nutrition”- Meat and Veggies, Some Fruit, Nuts and Seeds, Some Starch, and No Sugar. 7 days per week. With the exception that each participant can have one “free time” per week. The free time will be a generous CONSECUTIVE 4 hour time period where you can eat anything that you choose in any quantity. You might like this you might not but it is only 3 weeks. The one catch is that should you deviate during a time when you don’t have a free time- the penalty is 50 burpee box jumps-per serving.
Anyone who wants to participate needs to sign up by 7pm Tuesday here in the comments and name one thing that you are looking forward to on your free time and when you are planning on it. On April 30th we will have a Free Time Party with all the goodies after a team workout-clear your calendar!

If you need help menu planning or shopping approach myself or Sarah-Looking forward to this one!

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  1. Patrick Reply

    Oh mannnnn! Extremely clever Mark…In my defense, this was the end of the workout, I had ripped both hands open, and was getting blood all over the bar. Thinking quickly I took my shirt off (revealing my winter sweater that I haven’t put away quite yet) to put on the bar! If anything I was only trying to prevent the next person on that bar from getting my blood on their hands!

    I’m so thoughtful.

  2. Drew Reply

    Jane and I are in for the Challenge, with the exception that we are going to have creamer in our coffee every morning. If that is ok we are in, if it’s not i’m out because i’m not doing 1150 burpee box jumps.

  3. Nettie Reply

    I’m in for the challenge. Looking forward to whatever’s for dinner and dessert at a family wedding this weekend.

  4. Mark Lee Reply

    Sorry Pat in a moment of weakness I went for the “Sex Appeal Sells” approach and used your bod-I’m ashamed now but I am sure everyone understands. Dont think though that just because you are the prime suspect in this mystery that you are the only suspect. There were a couple very shady looking characters flanking you in that pic as well.

    Jane Drew and everyone else- Paleo+Dairy is totally legal for this 3 week challenge and cream is cool.

  5. Erin Reply

    I would love to do it too! But I need major help! I know the next step is really following the nutrition but I just love food so much 🙂 I also must have my creamer or I will freak out!!

  6. Heather Reply


  7. Heather Reply

    ps– I’m with my mom on the wedding. Looking forward to all that yum yum. 🙂

  8. Jane Reply

    As for what Drew and I are looking forward to, if that if the right way to put it… we will be on the Vineyard on Saturday with Drew’s family, which means no Paleo for us, as veggies are almost unheard of, unless they are fried and of the potato variety!

  9. Myya Reply

    Count me in on this challange!! Can’t wait.

  10. Kristen/Ken Reply

    We are in, 4 hrs of beer once a week; lol.Also my 40th birthday falls during the challenge and all bets are off on that sad day. 🙂

  11. Nicole Reply

    Count me in! I don’t really have any “free time” planned this week, but you never know what’s to come…

    I have been eating Paleo for awhile now and feel great. If anyone has questions, just ask! Even if I don’t have an immediate answer for you, I’ll probably know where to find one:)

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