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CrossFit Cape Cod 1/7/14

January 07, 2014
Nutrition is the foundation of all athletic activity. You can only get as far in CrossFit, Sport, or any Physical activity, as your Nutrition will take you.
CrossFit Cape Cod 
Workout Of The Day
 5 Rounds For Time
10 Burpees 1′ Target
15 Wall Balls
20 Box Jumps 24/20
25 Kettlebell Swings 1.5/1
 If For whatever reason you could not do Angie or the Filthy 50, this is your last chance at a benchmark WOD For The Nutrition Challenge.
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  1. Ann Massi Reply

    I would like to have a paleo potluck and recipe swap Saturday at 3:00
    My address is 52 Dodson way east Falmouth. I am less than 2 miles from crossfit

  2. Erin Gretzinger Reply

    Yay Ann! Sounds like fun, can’t wait!

  3. mason Reply

    Jen H, and everyone else, here is a coconut flour brownie:
    1/3c. melted coconut oil
    1/2 c. cocoa powder
    6 eggs
    1 c. honey
    1/2 tsp vanilla
    1/2 c. coconut flour
    Mix and pour into 8×8 pan @ 350 for 30-35 minutes depending on oven.

  4. jonathan miles Reply

    24:32. Applause to all those in that morning class. Tough group

  5. Amy Squeglia Reply

    I’m doing it again…I’m posting Sarah…I almost died 5 different times doing that nasty WOD this morning..Not sure of my time but Sarah thinks it was 37ish…I think it was 52 ish..used the 12lb wall ball, I love that thing! Unfortunately I’ll be out of town for the paleo potluck but I think you should include a vodka swap to go along with it Ann! So far I’m 100% but it’s only 9:00am so anything could happen!

  6. mason Reply

    Love that your blogging Amy S!! And two days in a row. Whoa

  7. Sean Mastro Reply

    I’m 98% today, 1 cup of coffee, with cream and sugar, is that 98%. ? Or something else? I’ve had over 3 fantastic meals, Thank You Sara for those 2 web sites !! I need to post pictures and the recipes. I love cross fit, except when it gets brutal, but, I love it even more when it has been brutal!!!

  8. Paul S Reply

    WOD: 29:42 20″ box, 1 pood KB, 10# WB

    Had to push at the end to get under 30 min.

  9. HaleyDawn Reply

    that WOD was brutal! 25:44 and I only did 4 rounds. I thought i was going to die after the 3rd but I pushed through one more. I am definitely adjusting to this new energy source. Thank you Sara S and Sarah Lee for tips and encouragement!

  10. Sarah Sprague Reply

    31:49 scaled just the wall ball to
    10# to hit 10’…that was brutal!

  11. Erin Meagher Reply

    Yay! Amy’s a blogger. Well I overslept today and have missed this torturous wod. Isn’t it wierd that we still get bummed to miss it even though we know it will be terrible!?

    • Michelle Hatch Reply

      I missed too Erin due to my body being on strike fighting a cold. Sounds like we missed a doozy!! Back on tomorrw 6am!

    • Michelle Hatch Reply

      I missed too Erin due to my body being on strike fighting a cold. Sounds like we missed a doozy!! Back on tomorrw 6am!

  12. Bushy Reply

    Sean – I see you’re on the Kristen plan for the rating scale, and I like it!

    Amy – welcome back to blogging. I also took time off, but my return has sadly not been met with the same enthusiasm of yours (I wonder why?). All my blogging has resulted in is a terrible feeling of annoyance in the Lee household. Sarah’s ticked about my math and Mark is ticked because he spilled his spritzer. Sigh.

    Stand by later for an epic tale of the real Amy Squeglia. If you don’t know her yet – make it a priority in 2014. She’s like the 2000 version of the Wayne’s World movie slogan – “you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll hurl!” I’m not joking – you’ll surely do all three if you spend quality time with her.

  13. sarah lee Reply

    Nice work this AM everyone! A lot of people are detoxing and not feeling great working out. Please just stick it out for another week or so and it will all come together for you.

    Bushy, as ticked as we are we will be fine. I keep extra carrageenan around just for Marks spritzers.

  14. sarah lee Reply

    28:04. That was tough.

  15. Nettie Reply

    31:35 – thank God I already did a benchmark and don’t have to do that again at the end of the month!

  16. jlockwood Reply

    I will echo everyone’s sentiment, that was really hard. 27:43. I did 100% today. I don’t want to freebase sugar anymore, but need something crunchy. Thanks mase for the paleo recipes. The sweet potato chips are calling my name.

  17. Kelly Cook Reply

    27:12 Rx. Wow, that was so, so hard. 100% for nutrition today.

  18. tracibushy Reply

    20:05 that was definitely a tough one….still a little wobbly!

  19. Erin Gretzinger Reply
  20. Nettie Reply

    Traci 20:05??? You killed it!!!
    100% for today

  21. KristinP Reply

    30:12 12# wall ball to the 10′..and that was Rough (notice the capital R).

    100% for nutrition. Nice job on this wod you guys!!! Kelly Cook you killed it!!!

  22. Kelly Cook Reply

    Traci was an animal out there today! Haha, I can’t even really say that I was chasing her, but she definitely kept me motivated to keep moving.

    • jlockwood Reply

      Traci didn’t even break a sweat!

  23. KristinP Reply

    Holy crow Traci, I missed your time. That’s incredible! I kinda wanna be you when I grow up;)

  24. Sarah Sprague Reply

    So yeah just noticed Traci’s and Kelly’s time, Wow!!! Way to go…100% today.

  25. Christopher Tufts Reply

    100% today! I think I will keep a spreadsheet HAHA! I am feeling a lot better, which for my digestive system is really saying something!!! I will see you all bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6am tomorrow!

  26. Ann Massi Reply

    100% Sunday, Monday and today

  27. Molly Sorbello Reply

    27:26rx … That was difficult. I stuck around to watch Traci blow through her first 3 rounds… She is amazing! Nice job Kelly too!
    100% for today.

  28. Allan Fleck Reply

    21:38 going to be tight tomorrow.
    100% today and feeling great. And tired.

  29. Faron Reply

    Rest Day, 100% But I really need to stay away from the almonds and walnuts. Won’t lose any weight eating them like I do..

  30. Christy Lynch Reply

    I found a little religion at today’s wod. But I loved it. Thanks Sara, I’ll take a size 10 in those Lu Lu’s you promised me…..oh, wait!!

  31. Kristen Menard Reply

    Brutal WOD today.. 27:32, although I probably could have been a minute or so quicker if I didn’t take a box to the shin, lol! 100% for today…

  32. Zach Reply

    28:42 – I echo the tough sentiment. Shout out to Traci & Allan on those times- crazy fast. 100% today

  33. HaleyDawn Reply

    100% today!!

  34. Shannah Jaburek Reply

    29:57- tough WOD today, felt a little low on energy today…100% for today!

  35. Jen Heinlein Reply

    Today was my first 100% day, yay! So far I’ve had one little thing trip me up each day. But even so, feeling better having quit all the candy.

    Thank you, Mason!

  36. tracibushy Reply

    100% today!

    Great job to the evening classes!

  37. Bushy Reply

    Traci dominated!

    100% today.

  38. Mark Lee Reply

    What a great crew! Im loving all the comments guys! Keep it up!
    24:50rx whew, what was it specifically that made that so hard!?

    100% Today

  39. mason Reply

    27:20 rx with 24″ box
    Traci that was crazy insane!! Glad I got to watch you!!
    Way to stick with it everyone!

  40. sarah lee Reply

    100 percent today.

    Great job today everyone!

  41. Christopher Judkins Reply

    24:29rx, burpees suck wires when you have to aim at something. I wish we had a montage video of people’s faces trying to hit that target in rounds 4 and 5 lol!

    Mark- you need to get us in good with our neighbors so I can dive in the foam pit.

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