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CrossFit Cape Cod 1/4/14

January 05, 2014

CrossFit Cape Cod

Workout Of The Day

10 Rounds
Row 1 Minute on 1 Minute Off 
The Goal Is 300 Meters Per Round (275m For Females) Set the monitor for 1:00 work 1:00 rest if possible. At the End Of the 10 Rounds do 1 Burpee for every 5 
meters under 3000/2750
For Example: If you rowed a combined total of 2900 meters, do 20 Burpees after the last round.
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  1. Sean Mastro Reply

    Sadists! 😉

  2. Bushy Reply

    1% for a peanut, 2% for a glass of wine? 0% for carageenan?

    Who’s in charge of this challenge anyway?

  3. sarah lee Reply

    If wine was only worth 2 percent I would have a glass right now Bushy. Actually I wouldn’t…. I would have coffee first. I did dream Amy S tricked me Into eating banana bread.

    If you are looking for new recipes check out paleOMG and EverydayPaleo.com.

  4. sarah lee Reply

    If you have not been put on a team yet here you are!

    Faron you are with Mark

    Shelly and Kara you are on my team

    Bucky you are with Traci

    Shannah you are on Masons team

    Molly you are with Team Krisin

    Mark will post the teams again. If you are not on a list or want to jump in its not too late!

  5. KristinP Reply

    Yay Molly…and all the other new participants as well!

    Okay, so 90% for the wine??

  6. jwash Reply

    Today’s wod was tough. My score was 2502. After some help with the math….I ended up doing 50 burpees. Kelly C you killed it during today’s wod. Great job. Until next time……suckah.

  7. Melissa Card Reply

    Well I owed the CF gods 100 burpees after the row today. I’ve only ever done 45 at once but I got started. At 35 Mason came to help and likely saw the fear in my eyes and encouraged me to get to 50. And so there I am again with everyone done trying to finish with everyone watching (and cheering which is fantastic but still a bit embarrassing for me) but then everyone started doing them with me! There was no way I wasn’t getting to 50 with that support!! Thank you so much everyone for your support!!! That was big for me to just get to 50!!

  8. Paul S Reply

    Wow Mark, thanks for the “want to be like” call out yesterday. There’s a lot of tough competition here for any one of those. I somehow failed to say, but will now, that I would like to have the heart of Betty.

  9. HaleyDawn Reply

    Looking for a good white fish recipe.. something simple and tasty. any recommendations?

    • sarah lee Reply

      Search Simply Recipes Moqueca. It’s a Brazilian fish stew and one of my favorite recipes.

  10. Robb Sykes Reply

    Haley, simple? Dust w almond flour, dash of s&p, fry lightly in oil or butter, don’t overcook. Serve w balsamic vinegar or lemon.
    Sweet potatoes n yams cook well in the micro wave,
    Cut to 3″ size, brush w oil, s&p, mic for 2-4 min per piece, turn once, keep an eye on em.

    This meal can be fridge to table in 12-15 minutes with a little practice.

  11. Michelle Hatch Reply

    Tough WOD. Owed 30 burpees. I’ve convinced (lied) myself that it’s because I’m only 5″2 so I don’t get a long row stride. Sounds good to
    Kelly crushed that WOD today. Owed nothing! So watching her get up to do burpees with Melissa and mason was just bad ass. So we all joined in. That’s my favorite part of crossfit. seeing that kind of rallying 🙂

  12. mason Reply

    Melissa, you did great👍! You have come so far from when you first started. You continue to make huge strides and you were non-stop on those burpees. Don’t ever be embarrassed and it doesn’t matter who finishes first or last. We are at C3 to get healthy and stay healthy. You are working hard and seeing results. Keep up the great work!
    Kelly nice job on the row. Great group and comradery at c3 today.

  13. Erin Meagher Reply

    100% today! Nice job everyone!

  14. Bushy Reply

    4 glasses of wine per bottle right? At 10% you could drink over two bottles a day and still not get 0%. This challenge is going to be great!

    • Bushy Reply


    • sarah lee Reply

      AND you would still be drinking less than usual! Win.

  15. Kelly Cook Reply

    2777 meters for today’s WOD. I loved the group’s energy today. It was a really fun crew, and everyone did awesome!

    100% for nutrition today. I also really love Bushy’s interpretation of percentages for alcohol consumption.

  16. Erin Meagher Reply

    I recall the challenge when Bushy realized he could break the One shot of clear booze a day rule by having one before midnight and another after midnight ! Haha:)

  17. jlockwood Reply

    100% today. Two words: sugar craving!!!!!!!

  18. jennifer simmons Reply

    100% for me today

  19. jennifer simmons Reply

    100% for me today

  20. sarah lee Reply

    I just made Nettie’s paleo pumpkin risotto. So good!

    Nice Job Melissa! I wish I was there.

    100 % today.

  21. HaleyDawn Reply

    95% for today! Surface cravings are a definite today but I only indulged in a small handful for dark chocolate covered almonds.
    Any one else find lunch to be the hardest meal? I’m so used to eat if sandwiches…. And CHEESE that I never know what to have for lunch.

  22. Sarah Sprague Reply

    100%… so many great recipes I can’t wait to try! Great job Melissa C and Kelly!

  23. KristinP Reply

    100% for today!

    For those of you who are having sugar craving, increase your fruit for the next few days. It will help take the edge off. If you put a few tablespoons of almond butter (make sure there’s no added sugar) on the fruit , it will satiate you even more.

    Haley, there’s a great Paleo wrap recipe on Paleo omg so you can still feel like you’re eating a sandwich, and please make sure you’re eating a ton of veggies!! One of the biggest mistakes people make is cutting out all of the refined carb without replacing it with fruits and veggies. Whatever you’re eating for veggies right now triple it! It will help fill you up. I literally have two plates and a bowl in front of me for most meals, and 70% of it is veggies,. Then I have a decent amount of protein and some fat. The more you pair all three micronutrients together, the more satisfied you will feel.

    Great job on day two everyone:)

  24. sarah lee Reply

    Haley we eat leftovers for lunch usually. Google stupid easy paleo tortillas. You could fill them with sandwich stuff (minus the cheese) or use lettuce for the wrap.

  25. Bushy Reply

    I had chicken salad today. It had mayo in it. I feel like it should be a 50% deduction, but i’m really enjoying the complete subjectivity of this rating system so i will say i score a 93.25% for day 3.

    Go Team Traci!

    P.S.- @ Team Traci – the “I Heart Carageenan” T-Shirts will be in by the end of this week.

  26. Allan Fleck Reply

    100% all weekend!! Hardest things no drinks and no cheese.
    Keep up the great work team traci!!!!
    Bushy lay of the peanuts and seaweed extract.

  27. HaleyDawn Reply

    Thank you for all of the tips!

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