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CrossFit Cape Cod 1/29/14

January 29, 2014

CrossFit Cape Cod

Workout Of The Day

On The Minute For 5 Minutes
3 Touch And Go Squat Clean Thrusters

Followed By

3 Rounds 
Row 500
15 Thrusters 95/65
15 Burpees

Rest 3:00 Between Rounds

Compare Results To 12/27/13
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  1. Erin Meagher Reply

    Now -THAT my friends- is a great video!!

  2. Robb Sykes Reply

    Face your fear and beat the climbing wall Friday afterWOD!

  3. OldNatickRookie Reply

    Wow, How did Mason get to post a video?

  4. mason Reply

    BEST VIDEO EVER!!!!!!!!!Thanks for making my Wednesday Mark!

  5. mason Reply

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Sean Mastro Reply

    Its not a long way to the top if you want to rock n roll, in this case, rock n roll to your health, but that kind of energy, makes it fun along the way, and your already there, thanks AC/DC and Angus!!!!

  7. sarah lee Reply

    23:56 RX. That was so tough for me. I’m looking forward to a rest day tomorrow!

  8. jonathan miles Reply

    165 on part a, 19:12 on part b.

  9. Nettie Reply

    23:43 with 45#

  10. Erin Meagher Reply

    21:36 rx I’m had the cold sweats on that one! Yikes.

  11. Kelly Cook Reply

    65# on part A.
    20:51 Rx on part B. I got a little over a minute faster than last time.

    90%ish today. I ate a little bit of bleu cheese at lunch.

  12. Andy Mathieson Reply

    Good to see everyone. Feels good to be moving around again!

  13. Allan Fleck Reply

    WHOOO!!! That was Awesome!! what a humbling work out. I feel it was way more of a mental accomplishment over physical today. Jamen, Sarah and Mark I can’t thank you guys enough!! Mark your pace coaching is repeating in head along with form coach from all of you guys and the speed of Carl’s burpee’s were insane!! Great 4:30 class everyone kicked ass!!

    16:23 RX ?

    nutrition yesterday was about 90% as i also had found blue cheese on my salad at dinner and enjoyed every bite. today 100%

  14. sarah lee Reply

    Awesome job today!

    Kelly you did great! Nettie I’m glad you were there at 3:30 so I didn’t have to wod with only boys. Allan great job! You pushed so hard. Andy it’s SO great to have you back. I’m glad you are feeling better. Don’t forget to do your homework everyone and all you men struggling with shoulder flexibility get on a lacrosse ball!

  15. Mark Lee Reply

    a. Stayed at 155
    b.16:56 That was a PR!
    I think We should do this workout just x 2 1000m row 30/30 but keep it 3 rounds. Sounds fun right?

  16. JoJo Mikolazyk Reply

    I think 22:46 with 35#, I can’t justify moving up weight when form is still so suspect Lol really enjoyed our 530 though! Thanks for fixing my row Sarah!

  17. tracibushy Reply

    19:22rx, those thrusters were killer for me!!

  18. Ann Reply

    It was tough coming back from vacation to thrusters.
    21:49 with 45# was enough for me. Good to be back working out although I did bicycle, kayak and walk on vacation.

  19. Bushy Reply


    46% nutrition. Tracis DOB. 24 years old!

  20. Tim Reply

    A. Got to 135 B. Realized quickly I should have taken a rest day.

  21. Christopher Tufts Reply

    ugh… this wod beat me twice…

    Had to go at 630 which threw me off anyway, then the 2 slices of pizza didn’t help…

    I think I got two rounds at 18ish minutes.

    Oh well, excited to go tomorrow AM and Saturday! I am working on getting a few new people in the door too!

  22. Christopher Tufts Reply

    OH! and I got to 95# on the three squat clean thrusters

  23. KristinP Reply

    23ish…this one almost killed me. Took me 24hours to recover which is why I’m just posting now. 90% for nutrition

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