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CrossFit Cape Cod 1/27/14

January 27, 2014

CrossFit Cape Cod

Workout Of The Day

“Power Total” 
Re-Test From 12/31/13
15 Minutes At Each Lift To Establish A 1 Rep Max
Back Squat
Bench Press
Combine All 3 For Your Total Score

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  1. Erin Meagher Reply

    back squat – a not low enough 185 🙂
    deadlift – 225 (no pr)
    bench – 120 (5 more than last time)

  2. Christopher Tufts Reply

    Back Squat 225 (matched PR and last time)
    Bench 185 (matched PR and last time)
    Dead lift 265 (15# pr and 15 over last time)

    so I added 15# fun WOD as always with the lifting WOD, can’t wait for Angie and the weigh out!

    I’ll probably re-test everything anyways…

  3. Robb Sykes Reply

    Those who brought in egg cartons, take some eggs, pls put your names on in future.

  4. Michelle Hatch Reply

    Love the 6am! It’s pretty cool to be part of that energy before the sun comes up. I get inspired by watching Amy and Erin M and such wild strength from them and have gravitated toward Erin G in partner WODs. She’s a great partner and also has wild skill and strength. She encourages me to go heavier and I do!!!! I’m horrendous at tracking anything. I just keep going til the veins in my temples pop! Lol!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!!

  5. Sarah Sprague Reply

    120# deadlift, 5# pr
    75# bench
    190# deadlift
    Had a great time working with Jackie who hit some amazing pr’s!! Way to go!! Michelle you have such great enthusiasm, love it!

  6. Kelly Cook Reply

    175 back squat (10 lbs less than last time)
    105 bench ( same as last time)
    230 dead lift (5 lb pr)

    Definitely frustrated by the back squat, but just was feeling off today. Oh well, I will get it next time! Fun to work with Kaitlyn and Jessica tonight! Great PR’s for both.

    95% today. There was a bit of cheese sprinkled on my salad at lunch.

  7. Allan Fleck Reply

    335# back squat. 265# bench. 405# dead lift.
    1005# total.! Pumped 35# increase from a month ago. Nutrition and newbie strength were in my favor. I don’t know what was better working with Zack or watching Bushy back squat.

    100% nutrition for the day.

  8. JoJo Mikolazyk Reply

    Loved tonight’s 6:30! 110 back squat (pr), 70 bench (pr), and 145 deadlift

  9. Zach Reply

    Didn’t do this wod earlier this month so nothing to compare to-
    255#Bench (10# PR)
    1085# total

    Allan setting PR’s left & right- due in large part to Bushy chirping all class long.

  10. Christopher Judkins Reply

    Lots of fun tonight, great energy in the box! 275 back squat (10# long standing pr), 225 bench, 305 deadlift. Congrats on all the pr’s tonight and 1000# totals!

  11. Sean Mastro Reply

    295# back squat (pr 30# ??)
    250# bench (-15#)
    315# dead lift (pr 10#)
    860# tot

    off paleo 1 week, no gain, no loss,

    from 270# to 260#, right direction!!

    I enjoyed bench marking tonight!! fun!! Great to see Rob Sykes push the enjoyment boundaries!! I met Mark tonight, who is awesome, and Colin got bullish on the bench with great intensity and pushed up an excellent (pr) for 110#!! Awesome Evening!!!!!!!! I’m jazzed for the rest of the night!

  12. Bushy Reply

    The chirpin was because Al and Zach kept trying to steal the 2.5s from Carl and I. A serious no-no in the heavy weight-lifting world, as most muscle-heads (like us) will tell you!

    I was a bit frustrated today. Didn’t time things right and guess/wish i was able to get 5 more pounds at each station (was missing the 2.5s though). I matched my score from baseline, and stupidly didn’t record individual lift weights, so not sure where i went up or down…

    245 BS / 175 BP / 335 DL – 755 Total

    100% Nutrition Today.

    Team Traci has a sore back…

  13. Shannah Jaburek Reply

    120# BS (+5lbs fm last time & pr)
    80# BP(same as last time)
    205# DL(same as last time)
    0verall gain of 5 lbs, I’ll take it since I’m feeling a little under the weather today…

  14. sarah lee Reply

    Wow nice PRs all around and such a great group all day!

  15. tracibushy Reply

    #195 back squat, tried for 200, but almost killed myself….lost a little hair on the bail. next time!!
    #85 bench
    #195 deadlift

    I didn’t get to do this wod at the beginning of the month, so I have nothing to compare it to…but I was excited to squat heavy again, and finally feel like I was deadlifting correctly. (4 years later 🙂 )Thanks Sarah!!!

    Looking forward to the filthy 50 tomorrow!!

    Go Team!

  16. Mark Lee Reply

    Way to go folks! Missed the WOD unfortunately, I’ll have to retest on the Olympic lifts, 100% today.

  17. Sean Mastro Reply

    I’m personally going to remember to carry 2 2.5 plates from home, and i’m going to write my name on them, just in case I have an accident!!! Bushy should do the same!!

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