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CrossFit Cape Cod 1/22/14

January 23, 2014

This years CrossFit Open is accepting registration for all who would like to participate. We will be doing all the WODs as a fun way to play in the worlds largest fitness based competition. Anyone who would like to register can do so here.

CrossFit Cape Cod

Workout of the Day

1a. Pause Squat

1b. Power Clean

Move back and forth between both movements for 5 rounds. Keep rests brief.

Followed By

On The Minute For 12 Minutes
3 Power Cleans
3 Front Squats
3 Jerks

Expert Use 155-185/105-135
Advanced Use 115-135/65-95
Intermediate Use 75-115/45-65
Beginner Use 45-75/15-45

Next Week We Are Doing The Retest WODs on M,W,F & Sat. 
Two of the days will be strength retest, and two of the days will be Angie/Filthy 50 Retest. There will be a prescribed retest WOD for the day. Please Weigh out by Saturday. Also the party is Saturday following the WOD.
The next Nutrition Challenge is a 21 day challenge. It starts Monday, February 3rd, and goes until February 24th.

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  1. OldNatickRookie Reply

    It’s me verses myself

  2. Erin Meagher Reply

    Thought this would be fun – started too heavy on the 12 min part – started at 95, by the end my wrists were killing today, went down and barely finished…moving on:)
    Back squat – 95, 115, 135
    Clean – 95, 115

  3. Erin Meagher Reply

    Yay for a party! I will keep going on the challenge. A VERY tough 100% for yesterday – Although I ate enough Paleo food for a Paleo truck driver.

  4. Michelle Hatch Reply

    Ha! My wrists too! Hopefully I recover for my first client today or it’s gonna get ugly! I really liked this WOD and thank you Erin G and Mark for helping me with the cleans. I’ll get there….I’m always amazed at our 6am and the level of energy and strength at that hour!!!!! Killin it !!

    ps…..I miss sugar. The. End

  5. JoJo Mikolazyk Reply

    Today was tougher than I thought it would be. Worked between 45 and 65#. Completed 10 rounds within the 12 minutes.

  6. Paul S Reply

    A: 95# clean, 120# squat
    B: 85#x3, 75#x3, 65#x6

    Still fighting the end of this flu or whatever it is. Everything felt a ton, even with a day rest yesterday. Barely made it through the Wod at down to 65# last half. See what happens tomorrow.

  7. Paul S Reply

    Part B was:85#x3, 80#x3, 75#x6

    I’m not that sick.

  8. Erin Gretzinger Reply

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  9. Erin Gretzinger Reply

    Fun 6 am class, thanks Mark!
    Michelle, thank you for being an awesome partner, you were making those squats look like cake!
    Worked up to 105# for 1a. And b.
    Used 65# for the otm 12min
    100% so far today, but the night is young.

  10. Faron Reply

    A: 150 Squat; 105 Clean
    B: 75#

    100 % today.

  11. sarah lee Reply

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  12. sarah lee Reply

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. sarah lee Reply


    That WOD was so hard for me. 75 pounds and had a scale some reps. It was awesome watching people work so hard.

  14. Robb Sykes Reply

    Welcome back Ken n Kristen!

  15. Kelly Cook Reply

    Worked up to 135 on back squat and 115 on clean. Used 75# for the 12 minutes. It was a manageable weight. I could have maybe attempted 85, but I think my form would have suffered a lot. I’ve been about 80% the last two days. I have had little cheating moments each day, but trying to be mostly good. I’m in for the February challenge for sure though!

  16. Lyda Dean Reply

    I LOVED this WOD!!! I’d been looking forward to it since last night!! Hahaha. Part a) 135#95# Part b) 75# 😀 Did I mention I really loved this one! Made my entire day!!

  17. Zach Reply

    A) 275# squat – 185# clean
    B) 155# for 12 mins

  18. tracibushy Reply

    135 on the back squat, and 125 for the clean…
    then I used #95 for the workout and it was HARD! I struggled through those last couple minutes, but glad I stuck with the weight.

    90% today.

  19. HaleyDawn Reply

    I miss you guys!!! Training for my job is going great but I need a work out bad! eating has been awful bc i am so out of my normal environment and routine. Cant wait to see you all saturday and sunday! looking forward to a Mason warmup!

  20. Ann Massi Reply

    100% so far on this challenge but tomorrow night is my last. Going on vacation Saturday and I know I won’t be good

  21. sarah lee Reply

    Haley we miss you too!

    Ann have an awesome vacation! You have done so well on this challenge. Enjoy your week away.

  22. KristinP Reply

    100% for today. 120 squat 105 clean. Did 75 for the 12 minutes. Prob could have done 85, but it was nice not to lose my lunch! Was super impressed with Traci and her 95lbs!!!

  23. Mark Lee Reply

    Lyda you are warped in a good way:)

    We miss you Haley, and Henry of course!!!

    Have to admit, I was going to use 155 until I really thought about it and saw all the morning groups do it. (Kinda cheating on my part)But I went with 135 and it was mentally tough. Next time, 155.
    Good job Zack coming back strong after being sick for 10 days!
    I only did 205 on the squats and cleans

  24. Mark Lee Reply

    oh and 100% nutrition. Anyone want to try the zone next month for a week or 3?

  25. Lyda Dean Reply

    What’s the zone??

  26. Sarah Sprague Reply

    I’ve been good food wise since Sunday but had a glass of wine Tuesday…I’m in the zone!

  27. Christopher Judkins Reply

    That was a tough one! Gotta go to a weird place to push through wods like that but it was awesome. Wish I had gone up in weight for that last set or two but I completely forgot. Ended up using 115#. Used 135 i think for the squats and really tried to focus on fighting for a good position in the bottom, thanks Mason for helping me get there. She practically had me sitting on the floor. I think we got to 155 for the cleans in part A

  28. Bushy Reply

    100% Friday.

  29. Sean Mastro Reply

    I would be in for the zone.

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