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CrossFit Cape Cod 1/21/14

January 21, 2014

CrossFit Cape Cod

Workout Of the Day

AMRAP 20 Minutes
5 Chest To Bar Pull Ups
10 Hand Release Push Ups
15 Wall Ball Shots 20/14
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  1. Erin Meagher Reply

    7 rounds plus 5 pullups – Wimped out and used 12# wallball 🙂
    100% yesterday

  2. Michelle Hatch Reply

    Liked this WOD! 9 rounds.
    10 lb ball
    Used blue/purple band for chest to bar.

    100% yesterday

  3. Paul S Reply

    7 rounds + 19

    Green band/ 12# ball

  4. sarah lee Reply

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. sarah lee Reply

    If the storm gets bad fast we are going to cancel the the 6:30 pm class. Spread the word!

  6. sarah lee Reply

    The 6:30 class is canceled. Drive safe!

  7. Mark Lee Reply

    100% so far today. 10 rounds + 5 + 10

  8. Allan Fleck Reply

    9 rounds +5+10+10 that was tough! and Mason Defiantly didn’t slack on the warm up. !!

    I must confess about my horribly poor eating and drinking over the weekend. i will take a -400% for the weekend. i will just leave it at that. Today will and has been 100%. I apologize to my team and will try to make up for it working extra hard for the remainder of the challenge.

  9. Faron Reply

    8 Rds + 5 C2B, red band, 14# WB.
    80% today.

  10. Molly Sorbello Reply

    7rounds + 3 c2b, using 10lb ball. Felt good to WOD again, but the breathing… I will never take breathing for granted again. Healthy lungs are happy lungs.

    100% today, yesterday and most of last week. I do confess while I was sick I had a piece of rice toast and it was absolutely amazing. Plus I’m sure the 9000 cough drops I ingested were probably not paleo. Like Allan, I will strive to make up for it.

  11. Tim Reply

    7 rounds+5. Harder than I thought it would be. Wall balls are harder than I remember. Oh well. Its a process. Glad to be back at Crossfit Cape Cod.

  12. sarah lee Reply

    7 plus 15 reps RX. I understand Allan. My food is perfect but I can’t resist wine when socializing. On that note I’m on my way to a hot tub and will have wine.

  13. Allan Fleck Reply

    Enjoy Sarah !!! Hot tub sounds great right now. !!

  14. Kelly Cook Reply

    If Allen is taking -400% for this weekend, then I think I am -500%. Team Traci will be back with a vengeance though. I’m 100% today. 7 rounds plus 1 pull up. I used a purple and red band for the first four rounds and switched to a purple and blue for the rest. 14# wall ball. Tough WOD after a weekend of too much fun, but felt good to get back at it.

  15. Kelly Cook Reply

    Oops, I keep spelling Allan wrong! Sorry!!!

  16. Terry obrien Reply

    7 rounds + 15 (started with 14# ball switched to 12#
    hitting that 10 ft target is tough)

  17. Shannah Jaburek Reply

    7 rounds with green band and 10 lb wall ball…100% for nutrition today

  18. Christopher Judkins Reply


  19. mason Reply

    Ok the drive home was harder and more stressful than the wod!!!
    7 rnds plus 1 used 20″ box for pushups (rehab work)
    Nice job everyone today!

  20. Matt Reply

    10 rds + 5
    100%, battled serious pizza cravings all day.

    • mason Reply

      Stay strong Matt!!!

  21. KristinP Reply

    6 rounds 7 reps RX 100% for the day. Hope everyone stayed safe in the storm!

  22. Bushy Reply


    – 450% for the weekend.

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