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CrossFit Cape Cod 1/17/14

January 17, 2014
A CrossFit Box is a place where adults come to play. 
Where people do things they never thought they could do.
 A CrossFit Gym is where you can’t focus on your problems. You are working too hard, giving everything to the Workout Of The Day, to worry about it.
Our CrossFit Gym is a place where you can count on support from friends, get a warm greeting, a smile, and a listening ear.
Inside these four walls: Lives are changed. Fitness is forged, minds and bodies are strengthened.
At CrossFit Cape Cod, you have the opportunity every day, to make yourself a better. To grow. To prove to doubts, fears, and concerns, that they are just dead wrong about you. 
To realize, rather, what is possible. Even if you didn’t believe it before.
 To find out how strong you truly can be, even if you didn’t know how strong and capable you really are. Every day the rare opportunity is there for the taking. The day is, as they say, yours to seize. Seize it. Make it give you more strength. Make it show you what you can really do. Come play at CrossFit Cape Cod. 

CrossFit Cape Cod

Workout Of The Day

On The Minute For 5 Minutes
Deadlift x 3
5 Burpees

rest 2 Minutes

On The Minute For 7 Minutes
Power Clean x 2
4 Burpees

rest 2 minutes

On The Minute For 9 Minutes
Snatch x 1
3 Burpees

On Each Lift There Is No Rx Weight. Go Heavy. Heavy does not mean Max. It also doesn’t mean 50%. Get Clean, Heavy Reps on the Deadlifts, Power Cleans and Power Snatches. 
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  1. Christopher Tufts Reply

    175, 95, 85

    80% yesterday

  2. sarah lee Reply

    Fun WOD today!

    Going to be 80-90 % today. Going to have wine tonight but I will stay 100 percent with food. I’m going to try making a paleo lasagna. I will post the recipe if its good.

  3. jonathan miles Reply

    315, 195, 125. the first two were at my max range, but should have gone 135/145 on the snatch.

  4. Faron Reply

    185, 70, 80 sub squat clean for snatch.

    100 % today.

  5. Erin Gretzinger Reply

    135, 70, 55/60
    90% yesterday
    75% today
    Weekends are tough, but trying to stay 100% with food.
    Loved this wod today!

  6. Jen Heinlein Reply

    135-75-45 fun WOD!

  7. Lyda Dean Reply

    195-95-45. 100% nutrition. Still getting down my snatch form!!

  8. Lyda Dean Reply

    150, 85, 65! 100% nutrition

    Rachel (using lyda’s)! :0)

  9. Shannah Jaburek Reply

    125, 65, 35…wanted to work on my snatch form!
    95% on nutrition, guess there was cheese in my salad dressing tonight 🙁

  10. Ann Reply

    145, 65, 45 Big Friday night class. Welcome back Jamin.

  11. Mark Lee Reply

    Was in Boston all day and didn’t make it in for my planned 8:30 WOD, played basket ball for a couple hours. Had bonelss buffalo wings with blue cheese dipping sauce for lunch. So about 75% today. Didn’t let it push me way off track, so that was good.

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