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Crossfit Cape Cod

April 20, 2010

Congrats to Mike 26.2 Miles Today in Boston!




5 Rounds For Time

Run 400
15 Over Head Squats 95/65

“The Shoot Through” WMV MOV

We have a zillion paralettes and a gymnastic cert in August!

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  1. Jane Reply

    Why do I have a feeling we’re going to be doing a lot of shoot throughs?

    Mike, awesome job! What an accomplishment!

  2. Nicole Reply

    Amazing accomplishment Mike!!!

    Yay, for the Gymnastics Certification!!! Really, really, really, looking forward to!!!

    Paleo/sugar challenge going well so far, haven’t even been tempted by the reintroduction to dairy back in the house for Tim:) My challenge will be this upcoming weekend when we visit family and friends in NH! My plan, actually I have no plan, just stay eating clean as much as I can. BTW, am I allotted a 4 hour “cheat” on Saturday and Sunday because they are different weeks or do they have to be 7 days apart?! HMM…

  3. Kristin Reply

    I think asking me to hold 65 lbs over my head, the day after Cagary, could be considered hazing! Thanks Mark 😉

    On day 2 of Paleo/Zone! Definately a lot more work…but I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out why the scale got stuck…WAY too many nuts!

    Congrats Mike…amazing job!!!

  4. Jane Reply

    I’m with Nicole on the question about Saturday and Sunday. Are they different weeks? 🙂

  5. T Reply

    Woohoo!!!! Mike!!!


    You deserve a medal!

  6. Nettie Reply

    We started on a Tues, so I’ve been going Tues to Mon. But, I say whatever works for you 🙂 I think as long as you only have one 4 hour period per 7 days, you’re good – doesn’t matter if that is at the beginning, middle or end of the week.
    I’ve been doing well so far – the idea of doing 50 burpee box jumps keeps me honest. But, I REALLY want some chocolate!

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