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Basic Training- Day 1

March 16, 2009

The feedback about our week of reviewing the mechanics and technique of the foundational movements has been very positive. This is only going to help everyone. Tim will be right there with me and Nicole and Sarah will be our demo girls (convenient) All of the WOD’s will be announced by way of the whiteboard and they are optional so that you can come and practice the movements but still take a rest day if you need one. For example
Monday-Train the movement followed by WOD. Tuesday-Train the movement followed by WOD. Wednesday Train the movement Rest by skipping that WOD Thursday and Friday Train the movements and do the WODS…

Where do you start with something like this? At the beginning of course! The squat is a staple of the CrossFit program and I don’t think that there is anybody coming close in the fitness industry to such successful implementation and understanding of such a vital movement.

Throughout the week the Basic outline will be that we review key points of performance, some common faults and then group up and execute the movements under the eye of the trainer(s).



Squat Clinic

Great example of movement with technique,determination and virtuosity. Of course this literally took her years.

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  1. crossfit mama Reply

    It was nice to take one movement and really break it down to make sure we are doing it correctly. Thanks for the instruction Mark. I feel like I learned a lot this morning.

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    Glad to hear it mama! Keep up the awesome work!

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