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March 05, 2012

We are sorry to say that kids will no longer be allowed at the facility unless they are participating in Kids classes. Before and after the kids classes parents are required to supervise their children and keep them out of the exercise area and we ask that when the next class is starting that people will leave the facility to allow the noise levels to be acceptable for the next class. Thank you for the cooperation.
The Staff and Coaches of CrossFit Cape Cod. 

Congratulations to the First responders for another great year!
CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day For Monday March 5th, 2012
‘Dangerous Female’ 
Double Unders
Sit Ups 

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  1. ErinM Reply

    Wow. thats going to be tough. One of the greatest things about C3 was the family atmosphere and seeing everyones kids. I understand, but..bummer:(

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Did someone go paws up or did you read the insurance policy?

  3. Mark Lee Reply

    Erin-I know but this was definitely a long time coming and the family vibe is still there just a lot safer for the kids to be in a structured class!

  4. Anonymous Reply

    That’s a bummer! I thought that was a really cool policy but I understand! Kurt M

  5. Anonymous Reply

    Kids should not really be allowed to mingle with adults in any environment that is not a daycare or the parents facility.

    They also endanger adults most of the time.


  6. Bushy Reply

    on behalf of all parents – i want to apologize for all the adults that were injured or placed in peril while while mingling with children.

  7. Katherine Reply

    Dwight. HAaaaaaaa. Soooooo Dwight. S

  8. Littles Reply

    If there was a like button I’d like your comment Bushy. I got hit by a ball once while I was running out the door. I’m really upset about it. I think I’m going to lawyer up.

  9. Anonymous Reply

    Hey dwight I need a sitter at 4:30 u busy?

  10. Zach Reply

    Are you expanding the age ranges of the kids classes or adding a 630pm to m,w,f too?


  11. sarah lee Reply

    Zach… The Thurday 4:30 class is a preschool age class. We can add more kids classes if there is a need. Just let me know what you guys are thinking.

  12. Littles Reply

    Oh I just got that K, as in the Office:) Little slow sometimes.

  13. Anonymous Reply

    Example: your in the middle of a 395 lb back squat, you notice a little dog pissing on your gym bag. In disgust you drop your weight on a 3 year old and it dies.. scary thought isn’t it?

  14. Bushy Reply

    oh my.

  15. Anonymous Reply

    Wow all these posts have me laughing my — off! Keep them coming! Kurt M

  16. Mark Lee Reply

    I just gave Jake a treat for peeing on “Anonymous” gym bag

  17. ErinM Reply

    Bahahahaha:) I’m cracking here! WHO are you.Dwight!?Hope your Childless…..wait. that’s not nice…..

  18. Unknown Reply

    Bushy, you really should not shoulder all the blame. This is mostly Lauren’s fault, for being so obnoxious, sitting in her pen, eating cheese puffs and knocking people off the paleo wagon as they slyly steal one, or two. That and Sarah and Mark just want to make us moms fat again.
    But seriously, ditto Erin. And I understand too-you guys are getting so popular and there are way more kids coming.

  19. KristinP Reply

    Ok guys, this is funny but let’s not get out of control. I’m totally bummed and it stinks for a lot of us…but it’s totally understandable. Theres so many kids and they were starting to feed off each other, mine included! Was becoming a crazy version of romper room! I think us moms and dads should come together and figure out a schedule to switch off with the kids. Take em to the library or the playground or something so we can all workout…without anyone getting hurt. Thoughts?

  20. Unknown Reply

    Kristin, thats a great idea- I don’t think anyone was serious at all with what they said though-all in good humor. 🙂

  21. sarah lee Reply

    That is such a great idea Kristen! I will do anything I can do to help like make the 9:30 class a little longer a few days a week so some moms/dads can switch off. As long as Lauren drops off her cheese puffs for me to snack on I’m in:)

  22. ErinM Reply

    Sounds great Kristin! I will be more than happy to help out whenever I can:) Thanks Sarah!

  23. ErinM Reply

    Sounds great Kristin! I will be more than happy to help out whenever I can:) Thanks Sarah!

  24. Anonymous Reply

    I’ll get you mark!!!! and your little dog too.. the little girl with the cheese puffs stays!!!! OR ITS CURTAINS FOR THE LOT OF YA!!!!

  25. Littles Reply

    Who’s Unknown? Shelly? And Anonymous? If ya’ll are going to be funny you should at least get some credit.

  26. Littles Reply


  27. KristinP Reply

    Aw, I figured no one meant to be mean, and I was laughing my butt off for a while! It’s just that it can be really hard to read tone on these sites …and with all the anonymous posts it could be taken the wrong way:)

  28. KristinP Reply

    How would everyone feel about meeting on Sat after class to discuss a plan? I asked Sarah and she said that’d be fine. Mark and Sarah really want to support us in trying to figure this out…

  29. Unknown Reply

    so how about we make a facebook page for crossfit cape cod parents? Then we can organize more on that page? I tried but have no idea how to-anyone with better talents wanna step in- shelley

  30. sarah lee Reply

    On a positive note… Congrats to all the first responders! Kelly you look great! I wish I could have been there cheering you on. Next year!

  31. Littles Reply

    I’m doing it now Shelly

  32. Unknown Reply

    Oh and Sarah, come Sunday, Lauren will give us a munchkin and cheese puff partay

  33. Littles Reply

    There’s a group set up on FB called Crossfit Cape Cod Parents. I added a bunch of people, I’m sure I missed some, just ask to join. It’ll be easy to update daily for who’s going in when and where to meet. Good Idea Shelly.

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