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November 16, 2010
Molly and Katherine During Saturdays Team WOD



Wod 2 From The Beast Of The East

1 Round For For Time
Row 500
Run 400

Rest Up To 15 Minutes Then…

Wod 3 From Beast Of The East

AMRAP 6 Minutes
10 Thrusters
40 Double Unders

The 90 Day Plaeo Challenge Is Just Over 2 Weeks Away!

Here are some updates.

We will be doing a pre-challenge weigh in and body fat assessment the week before the contest.

Before Pictures: We will need confirmation that you have a front, back, and side “before” picture of yourself. If you need someone to take these for you let me know so that Sarah or myself can help you. Cutrona Studios www.cutronastudios.com also offered to do every ones pictures for 20$ per person if you’d like something from a pro.
Everyone participating in the competition will be required to keep a food journal for the first 2 weeks. There will be a board at C3 where we will write scores. During the first 2 weeks bring in your food Journal and Sarah or myself will help you score your day(s) After the first 2 weeks you will be able to write your own score and the food journal will be optional.

Here is another great resource for recipes. http://www.thefoodee.com/ simply go to the meal of the day link and get over 127 meal ideas! I will be rolling out the resources over the next few days and will be keeping the links up on the right hand side of the page. Katherine sent Sarah and I 5 of her favorite resources and will be awarded points toward the 90 day challenge. I am still refining the scoring and will announce the details next week. I am very excited to say that there will be 30 participants in the challenge!

Here is the link for purchasing the t-shirt pictured from yesterdays post. Thank you Jessie for finding it!

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  1. Kristen Reply

    what did i get myself into? weighing and measuring my fat doesn’t sound fun really 😉

  2. Nettie Reply

    So excited and ready for the challenge!!! Even if it does involve pictures and fat analysis – will be so cool to see the change come Feb.

  3. Mark Lee Reply

    Don’t worry the measurements and pictures will be kept confidential if you prefer.

  4. Greg Reply

    I get to break out the Speedo!!!!

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