168 Industrial Dr
Mashpee, MA 02649
(508) 648-5648



Our bathrooms are equipped with showers We have a large kids room Paleo snacks and drinks are available Water bubbler on site New Olympic lifting platforms

What Makes Us Different

Crossfit Cape Cod opened the doors in 2008, making it the first Crossfit affiliate on Cape Cod.  The new owners, Allan Fleck and Chris Mason purchased the box in December 2015.  They have seven years of combined experience with Crossfit.  Our facility is in a prime location for residents in Falmouth, Sandwich, Barnstable, and Osterville.  The box is equipped with an assortment of "Crossfit toys", and a 20' foot rockwall, in which we offer climbing classes on Monday nights.  We are also very proud of our very experienced coaching staff.  We have a great community of members and would love for you to check us out.

CrossFit Cape Cod

World Class Fitness

Eat Meat and Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds, Some Fruit Little Starch and No Sugar. Practice and Train The Major Lifts of Strength Training. Master The Basic Skills Of Bodyweight Exercises. Also, Bike, Run, Row, Etc. Hard and Fast. Train With a qualified Coach and Supportive Community of people who want you to, and will help you to succeed.
  • Q:Do I have to be in really good shape to try/do CrossFit?

    A:In short, no. Our greatest success stories have started as people who are very overweight and unhealthy. (Perhaps more so than you are as you read this.) The special thing about coming to our gym is that you have Professional support and guidance. You are never asked to do more than you should or anything that will hurt you. We are confident that we are the safest training protocol available for people with little to no fitness.
  • Q: Can I come to any class?

    A: Yes
  • Q: Can I workout at other times or do you only offer classes?

    A: The class environment is by FAR the most effective method of training. All of our coaches and athletes alike have found their greatest success comes from working out with the coached class sessions. Even the loneliest loners have found this to be true after giving it a shot, and never look back.