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April 23, 2013
CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day
Max Load For 1 Set Of 10 Push Press And 1 Strict Press. This is 11 Unbroken Reps Where The Last Rep Is A Strict Press, Preceeded By 10 Push Presses.
Followed By
Ring Dips
Toes To Bar
Kettlebell Swings 1.5/1
Finish With
2:00 Accumulated L-Hang And
3 Sets Max Reps Close Grip Parallette Push Ups. Place The Parallettes Together So The Bases Are Touching, Keep Your Elbows Close To The Body. 10 Rep Minimum. 

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  1. Erin Meagher Reply

    75 for pp and press
    10:11- used red band- still wierd shoulder.
    Did two rounds if those paralette pushups
    L hang was ridiculous:)

  2. Paul S Reply

    A) 85#

    B) 8:28 (red band RD, 1 pood KB)

  3. Raul Reply

    A) #80

    B) 16:17 Rx

    Shout out to Sarah for the push at the end. Thanks!

  4. Mark Lee Reply

    A. 115lbs

    B. 7:27

    C. 2:00 L-Hang in about 240 half second sets. 20/15/15 close grip parallette push ups.

  5. Zach Reply

    A) 155# press
    B) 9:25 – had to throw in a band on the set of 9 ring dips

  6. sarah lee Reply

    1. 65 pounds:(

    2.11:36- 1/2 RX/ 1/2 purple band

    3. A bunch of sets of push-ups and L hang

    Fun to workout with the 4:30 class!

  7. Christopher Judkins Reply

    Legs are hurting today, felt pretty good thought for being away for two weeks…

    C)24-17-16= 57reps parallette pu

  8. Jennifer Benedetti Reply

    A) 75#
    B) 12:14(purple band- woohoo bc I usually use red)
    C) attempted L hang and attempted paralette pushups, that’s all-just attempted 🙂

    Great 430 class!!!!!

  9. Jennifer Grace Reply

    A) 65 pounds (tried for 75 twice but got stuck on the press 🙁 )
    B) 13:39 not Rx

  10. Kelly Cook Reply

    A)65 pounds
    B) 10:29 using box dips and definitely not quite toes to bar.

  11. mason Reply

    Worked on OH instead of press
    10:23 purple then red band

  12. AB Reply

    A) 105#

    B) RX 6:50

    C) L-Hangs – 1st 45 sec – then 20 sec intervals after to 2:00 total

    D) 26 – 20 – 20 for parallete pushups

    — Adam

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