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3 Months? We’re Just Getting Started!

December 31, 2008

First let me just acknowledge the fact that Jane worked really hard and got her first pull-up! Way to go Jane-you are awesome and you are just getting started.
We have only been open for 3 months…I keep recounting because that hardly seems possible. I think back to the early weeks when everyone was starting and I look around now at a different group of people. Much stronger, fitter people. Progress is evident every day. Again though, we’re just getting started. .
I guess as we head into 09 we will keep going forward with what has been working.

The biggest change will be that we will all gain understanding of the Zone, and apply it. Tim has agreed to 4:40 tomorrow for our Nutrition seminar. So if you are taking the 5pm please, just show up early. If you aren’t planning on working out please just show up for the 20min. All the basics will be explained and everyone will be given enough information to start the challenge. Even if you know someone who is interested in nutrition and doesn’t exercise bring them along-it’s useful for everyone.

I believe that everyone made quick work of their December goals, great work! Let’s post our new January goals tomorrow. One group goal I am imposing is that we journal every workout. Another is let’s also stretch after each workout-even if it’s brief.



“Ninja Jane”

21-15-9 For Time

Push Press 95/65
Box Jumps 24″

One of my favorite CrossFit Cape Cod moments of 08 was when Jane and Drew surprised me with our new sign. What was your best or worst C3 memory from 08? Post to comments.

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  1. Littles Reply

    Jane!! That’s amazing!
    Look at the difference in your arms and shoulders in that picture.

  2. Tim Reply

    My best C3 moment was the first day that I went to the gym. After meeting a bunch of great people who immediately made me feel welcome, and being coached by an intelligent, humorous, and dedicated coach, I knew that this was the place for me.

    My next best moment was when Nicole wanted to come in and check it out. After our first WOD together we knew that we had found a new home. Thanks to you all. 2009 is going to ROCK!

  3. JareBear Reply

    My best was finding crossfit. As it is a great way to vent. I also enjoy watching my family work out as I know it is good for the minds and body.

    The worst????Hmmm I don’t know. I try to see the seeming negatives as positives. Ya know…”no pain, no gain”. So I don’t mind the nausau, pain, burning lungs, soar muscles, bleeding blisters, cramps, pulled muscles, whips from the stupid jumpropes, Puking….etc. Its all good. Does that make me a sadist? Oh..no I do remember catching a glimpse of Pauls plumbers crack when he was doing burpees. That is the worst.

  4. Mark Lee Reply

    Thank you, Tim. As I recall, we did “The Cheif” and after seeing you do a smokin 22 rounds. I thought “this guy is for real!” I know I speak for everyone-We love having you and Nicole at C3.

    JareBear-I laughed out loud. 09 has a monumental challenge ahead of it to top that one!

    Sadist and heart of a champion are a fine line-you walk it well.

  5. Littles Reply

    My first day at Crossfit we were assigned the “Cindy”. I watched in awe as Sarah hammered out squats like she didn’t even notice, as I was falling over, missing the ball, barely squeezing in 4 rounds.

    Early December we did “Cindy” again.
    11 rounds and my quads weren’t killing. It blew my mind that a lot of us had tripled our rounds in just a couple of months.
    That’s a confidence booster which in turn helps the mental toughness, which I think is a huge factor in getting through workouts some days.

    I puffy heart crossfit.
    Thanks Mark and Sarah.

  6. sarah lee Reply

    My funniest memory was doing a push-up contest with Jessie. (We could not do one.) My favorite memory was the night before we opened. Mark and I cleaned and set up til after midnight. Even though we were tired when it was done I wanted to work out. I look forward to seeing all of you every day. It makes me so happy that my family and good friends are all part of this. Tomorrow is my 1 year crossfit anniversary. I hated exercise but I wanted to show an interest in something Mark loved. We had no idea that this is where it would bring us. Thank you everyone for making it all possible. And Mark, good job following a dream.

  7. Heather Reply

    My best C3 moment was during Chelsea. I did 210 MAN pushups with full range of motion! I never thought I could do that much…. My worst C3 moment was during the filthy fifty. I had to pee 4 times during that work out! (a real time killer) And at the end had Mark, Jon, and several other guys cheering me on to finish the double unders. But I couldn’t jump because all I could do was envision peeing myself while having 5 guys watching me!!!That wasn’t in the brochure…Those double unders are a killer on the post baby bladder!!! Mark can we incorporate some kegel strength training into the January WOD’s?!?

  8. Nicky Reply

    My favorite C3 moment was when we went to crossfit and I realized how out of shape I really was. Mark literally had to push on my feet while I was in at least 4 bands. I thought I was going to die. I was red, sweating, on the verge of fainting, and throwing up.. why is this a good memory? Because in just two months I look at the progress I have made. I still need bands, but no physical help from Mark. I still sweat and get red but it’s because I am pushing myself to my limit. I don’t feel like fainting anymore and throwing up???… well is that ever going to go away?? Tomorrow is Jan. 1, 2009… let’s all try the Zone, push ourselves and do our best for 2009!!!

  9. Mark Lee Reply

    Liz-you are a true CrossFitter. Don’t forget the highlight of your career thus far.
    Heather, you crack me up!
    Nicky-I am so proud of you- well said for 09! I’m sure Jeff has some stories to add involving the baseline…
    And Sarah, last but certianly not least-Thanks for being a great wife. We are on the right path- Following this dream has been great for our family. I’m glad we are in it together. Love You.
    And at the risk of being made fun of I am pretty crazy about all of our members as well. Thank you all for making CrossFit Cape Cod what it is.

  10. Nicky Reply

    no Mark you are just crazy LOL… we all love ya!!!

  11. Garetjax Reply

    Jeff here; Nice for some reason I cant remember my worst and most motivating work out. It must have been that 40 minute nap I took.
    O well I will just have to keep doing the sprinkler on the back machine.. well who am I kidding the sprinkler happens on all the workouts. Sorry for all the pools of pain I left on the floor.
    I have had quite a few memorable
    and their all pretty recent.
    hitting my goals for Dec.
    finishing filthy 50 r/x
    I love it and I am so glad to be able to have fun with all my friends. Look forward to 2009 and all the new goals we will meet.
    Thanks for the gym Mark.
    C4 Rocks

  12. Nicky Reply

    sorry Jeff but it is C3….leave it to me to point it out!!!!

  13. Littles Reply

    Oh! Right! When I beat a firefighter. That really was a changing point for me.
    (no not Tim!)

  14. Mark Lee Reply

    Heather, all you have to do next time is stand next to Jeff we’ll think it’s one of his sweat puddles!

  15. sarah lee Reply

    Your right Jarebear. I think Paul is up there in my worst and best moments all at the same time. Paul Pole Dancing will make you laugh and cry. We miss you Paul! Where is our Coffee?

  16. Rita Reply

    Where can one go, enter the Gym and feel like a Cheers cast member.
    We have all made great progress. My personal improvement is that I am continuing to want to come and be pushed to my limit.
    Thanks to all of you for helping me feel great about improving my lifestyle. Love you Mark and Sarah.

  17. sarah lee Reply

    Annie, I mean Rita. You are doing amazing! I know you can get that pullup this month. You have the strength physically and most of all mentally. You keep all of us motivated with your determined attitude and encouragement when we are struggling. Keep up the good work. We look forward to seeing you.

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