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January 03, 2009

Everyone saw some marked improvement on the squat cleans. It was evident that it really clicked for many of you and was exciting to see. Great work Jared and Jeff for going rx’d on the squat cleans and ring dips. It is inevitable that strength will follow such determination and effort. Here’s a good rule of thumb with regard to scaling. Yes we want to be safe and learn technique and consistency and all that good stuff-BUT…if you are doing 21 unbroken reps that band is too much. It should be a challenge and the clock should take a back seat to quality movement and challenging yourself in the workout. They aren’t supposed to be easy. If you need to rest after 5 or so that’s right where you belong for now. Don’t rest for long though-remember- intensity is where the results are.

Tomorrow is erase the board day. If you would like to keep track of old pr’s please write them in your tracking sheets.

Nutrition with Tim after the 1pm class-don’t miss it! If you can’t be there there will be a follow up on Monday after the 4.

Have you checked out the Nutrition blog? I hope it’s a useful tool to all of us.



Work up to a 1 Rep Max on your squat of choice. (Back,Front,Overhead)

Followed by AMRAP 12 Min.

5 Strict Chin-Ups
7 Knees To Elbows
9 Kettle Bell Swings 1.5 / 1 Pood

Jack Lalanne’s grand nephew demonstrates our kind of Knees to Elbows

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  1. Littles Reply

    I would like you to show all videos with Chris Lallane from now on.

  2. sarah lee Reply

    Great job instructing today Tim. Thanks for the Zone advice. Looking forward to seeing the results!

  3. Nicky Reply

    really Liz… I like guys with hair…. oh shoot!!! never mind….

  4. Tim Reply

    Great job to everyone on Saturday. I had fun and it was nice to meet you, Jesse. Killer squats Nicky (can someone say “white board?”), and thanks for coming in Mike to hear about the Zone.

    I hope you feel better soon Mark, hearing one story about projectile vomiting is enough to last me a while!

  5. Nicky Reply

    oh come on Tim, you’re a firefighter you get that stuff all the time!!!! LOL :).. thanks for today.. the warm up was a workout in itself!!!

  6. sarah lee Reply

    I think Tim needs some to be grossed out before kids. Lets make it a forth January goal. Anyone with me?:)

  7. Littles Reply

    He can change Standishs diaper?
    Or wipe his nose?
    Or …

    Nik there’s a shot of the top of that guys head that’s a little weird. But I’ll forgive him.

  8. Nicky Reply

    yah Sarah i’m with you.. let’s give Tim and Nicole a little test :)…

  9. sarah lee Reply

    or clean up puke…what do you think nicole?,..

  10. Littles Reply

    Sorry, different topic.
    I should have started with the blue band, then gone to green,
    The 21s were to easy.
    Next time!

  11. Nicole Reply

    Tim, nice job coaching Saturday!

    Sorry guys, no kids to gross Tim out in the near future. I’m still working on my Masters degree and between that work, and CrossFit I don’t have time for the additional responsibility of raising a child. I do love children though and will thoroughly enjoy being a parent someday.

    Nicky, and Jeff too:), great work on your back squats! Nice chin-ups with the blue band Sarah. Lastly, thanks to Liz for sharing the box during chin-ups and knees to elbows. What a fantastic team we all make!!!

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