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January 03, 2009

“One of the most popular firemen in the ranks of the Detroit Fire Department, Walter Harris–a biker, minister, and mean firehouse cook–had died that night fighting an arson fire in a house that had burned before, but had yet to be knocked down by the city. Walt had gone upstairs looking for victims, since empty houses in Detroit are often occupied–by everyone from drug addicts to homeless families. The roof collapsed on him, ending a 19-year-career and leaving his six children fatherless (one of whom he adopted out of the ghetto as a teenager and who has become a firefighter himself).”
“The City Where the Sirens Never Sleep” by Matt Labash – The Weekly Standard



40 Double Unders

Wall-Ball 20/14
Box Jumps 24″

40 Double Unders

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  1. Nicole Reply

    One round… or Three?! Please advise so that I can mentally prepare for the beating!


  2. sarah lee Reply

    Sorry Nicole, but its 3! I won’t be at the classes tomorrow. Going to work with Liz in Boston. I am going to do the workout at 12/1:0o. If anyone wants to join me while I am suffering… Have fun and see everyone on Tuesday!

  3. Nicole Reply

    Thanks for the clarification, I should have known! Tim and I will be there rearing to go!

    Have fun in Boston!!!

  4. JareBear Reply

    Hello everyone,
    Sorry but I keep forgeting to order the jump ropes. Now that I am on my computer and ready to order them. I am leaving for two weeks. If you order them yourselves you could have them in 2 days. Here is the web address. http://buyjumpropes.net/ they are the ones labeled as competition & double unders. Sorry, I forgot. See you all in a few weeks.


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