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January 08, 2009

Nice work on Tabata Something Else-I love these fun workouts where everyone is excited for it before it even starts. Everyone Pr’d either by increased score or dropping a band, or doing unmodified push-ups. That is a very exciting part of CrossFit-results are evident and exciting for the individual and the entire group. Congratulations to Nicole- I’ll let her tell you how much weight she’s lost since starting CrossFit less than 3 months ago.

The board has been redone (thank you Drew.) There are hundreds of empty spaces up there waiting for some studs and studettes to earn their spots. Again the criteria is that records must be done by a member, witnessed either by a trainer or verified by 2 or more members so that everything up there is honest, earned, and worthy of the respect it gets. Where will your name be in 09?

Welcome also to Melanie, Laramie and Mikey-Nice work on the Baseline. You are all fun to work with and already move well.





Work up to a 1RM

Can you name the 5 steps and that make for a good deadlift? How about additional things that you find helpful for this lift?Post em’ to the comments.

Freaky from the get go, (& when its ending). Andy Boulton deadlifts 1003lbs!-Yes One Thousand and Three Pounds!

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  1. sarah lee Reply

    I just want to take a moment to thank Drew for all his hard work around Crossfit. He hung the mirror, replaced the outside lightbulb, helped hang the board, fixed the upside down shelves in the bathroom, bought and hung the coat rack and much more. It’s great to have a handyman around and we are constantly impressed by how well you are doing on the W.O.D.s. You would never know you had knee surgery 2 weeks ago. Thanks for being part of this team . As Nicole always says…Together we are invincible.

  2. Nicky Reply

    I LOVE THE DEAD LIFT!!!! I will definitely be there tomorrow… For me with the dead lift is getting in the zone… I have to focus on keeping my back nice and strong.. keeping my face forward and focusing on an object in front of me… also my fellow crossfitters encouraging me to lift once I think i am at my max weight.. I always tend to go for more…

  3. Nicky Reply

    Oh yah also Liz and I had a conversation tonight about weighing ourselves.. I haven’t weighed myself in two weeks..so I decided to buck it up and do it.. I was shocked!!! 9 lbs in two weeks ( and that was weighing myself at night).. and down a whole size!!!!!granted I have about 50 more lbs to go but Hey!!!!! I was so excited!!!!

  4. sarah lee Reply

    Nicky! That is awesome! Congratulations!

  5. Nicole Reply

    Nicky, good thoughts on the dead lift. Can’t wait to see everyone’s progress tomorrow! Props for all of your hard work and perseverance, you must feel great.

    Thanks to Drew for also supplying us with motivational music, A.K.A. Nasty Girls!

    Sarah, you kicked but today, way to go Mrs. 299!!!

  6. Littles Reply

    Nicky, that is amazing. Just imagine what it will be tomorrow morning!
    Nicole your loss is incredible as well.
    I’m green!

  7. Littles Reply

    It might be helpful for everyone doing the zone to click on Zone Meals, then find the post for dec 24/25. It’s about reading labels.
    It could help us expand what we are eating and not get bored.

  8. Mark Lee Reply

    Team invincible gets stronger! Nicy and Nicole as you know I am focused on your perfomance…but thats awesome! Glad you feel good.
    Thanks for the reference Liz.

  9. Drew Reply

    Crossfit has given me much more than i’ve given back. To feel stronger, healthier and more flexible is something that i stopped hoping for a long time ago. Now i can do a push-up, run a 5k and see progress literally every day. Even pain is progress. The journey of a thousand miles may start with one step, for me that first step was CROSSFIT.

  10. Mark Lee Reply

    You are awesome Drew.

    Journey of a thousand miles…That gives me a great idea for a workout!

  11. nickyp75 Reply

    hey everyone- Jeff just got home from crossfit… Great job Jane 265!!! Rita 215!!! And Matt 475!!! Amazing… my hats off to you all!!! Nicole, Sydney loves jump roping with you, she said you guys made it too 100, she loved it.. thanks!!! I was so sore today from yesterday I couldn’t even pick my boots of the floor, forget dead lifting!!!

  12. sarah lee Reply

    Crazy thing is I was just going to congratulate all of you for your hard work but Nicky beat me to it. I heard from Mark and Liz how awesome all of you are. Great job everyone.
    Liz, you are going to hit 200 pounds. Keep it a goal. We all know you can.

    Also, great job Cheryl, Faith, and Danielle, at the 1:00 class. Cheryl had great squats and assisted push ups. Faith made it through the baseline in less than 6 min,, and Danielle did almost full baseline in less than 10 min!

    Mike, I heard you are doing awesome.
    Dana, glad you came back.
    Melissa, we missed you but understand why you could not be there.:)

  13. Littles Reply

    On the scale?
    Oh deadlifting.

  14. Nicole Reply

    Nicky, Sydney is so darn cute I couldn’t resist the request. She does great and I still got my heart rate pumping! I’m glad that it made her happy:)

    Liz, made it to 160, looked back in my records for the last time we did dead lifts and had written down 155 (barely there). So, I’m happy with the increase:)

    Thanks to the coaches and my cheer leaders!

    Sarah, missed you today!

  15. Littles Reply

    Nicole, that’s great!
    I love that we keep breaking our records.
    200 by summer right?

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