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January 09, 2009

Ok, so we let Matt lift to his potential today…475 POUND DEADLIFT!!!! I could sense some freaky strength from the guy but that was unreal! No lifting in three years and no previous experience with the deadlift. I can’t wait to see when he’s been CrossFitting for more than 2 weeks what he can do.

Everyone is getting so strong -Jane 265! Rita 215! Drew Pr’d with 355, Liz, Nicole,& Jeff.Mike barely missed 405-next time. Then Ben pr’d from 275 to 300. And just when you think it can’t get any better Tim jumps his Pr to 425!

Exciting stuff. Sorry if I left anyone out-I’m pretty tired and I’ll make it up to you by letting you do burpees.

Isn’t the new wall of fame exciting?

Tim designed the following WOD and it’s gonna be good! Thank you, Tim.

5 Rounds For Time

5 Hollow Rocks
10 Over Head Squats 95/65 (scale as needed)
15 Ring Rows
20 Kettle Bell Swings 1.5/1 Pood

Followed by 2 rounds of “Walt” -Just kidding.

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  1. nickyp75 Reply

    yah mark you’re pretty funny for being so tired!!! HAHA

  2. Tim Reply

    Mark, did you do stand-up before you opened C?

  3. Drew Reply

    what’s a ring row? and for the record my deadlift was 325. 355 next time.

  4. Littles Reply

    Tim *is* trying to kill us.
    See you at 5.

  5. Littles Reply

    How much more weight can fit onto the bar? What will Matt use when it’s maxed out?

  6. nickyp75 Reply

    O.K I woke up this morning, got out of bed and walked.. well tried to walk, my legs are soooooooo sore from Weds. workout… ouch ouch ouch.. i have not been this sore since October!!! I’m walking like a robot :).. that is what I get for not stretching after huh!!!

  7. Littles Reply

    Nicky, I’m still sore from WEd. workout also. Mostly my abs.
    I can’t think by the end of a workout.
    I usually forget to stretch unless Mark reminds me.

  8. sarah lee Reply

    Oh great… Tim made up the workout again…. Are you mad at us Tim?…… See you all on Saturday.

  9. Tim Reply

    Hey ya’all:
    Don’t be scared! It’s out of love that I create these WOD’s for you!

    A ring row is kind of like a modified pull up. They’re set at about chest height and your feet are on the ground. Leaving your feet in place, you lean back by extending your arms (while holding onto the rings, please) then pull yourself back to the upright position. Piece of cake! Oopps, sorry to mention cake!

    P.S. It’s scaleable by raising or lowering the rings

  10. Mark Lee Reply

    Yes I was. I wore suspenders and if you shook my hand -BZZZZ! Smell this flower- Squirt! Real cutting edge stuff. Audinces loved it when I’d open by saying “I just flew in from CrossFit-boy, that was a great way to cool down my arms that were tired from a real workout.” & ” Go ahead and lean forward when you laugh its awesome for the abs!”-” I’ll be here all week-stay classy (fill in name of retirement home, soup kitchen, or bahrmitzfah boy becoming a man)!”

  11. Rita Reply

    It’s not Tim’s workouts that we need to be afraid of it’s his warm-ups to the workout.

  12. sarah lee Reply

    I love watching everyone do hollow rocks. I think i will bring a video camera. We can put it on You Tube later.

  13. MattK Reply

    Great job everyone! i can see a marked improvement in each and every one of you in the very short time I’ve been at triple c. Keep up the good work and your hard work even motivates me, so thanks!

  14. nickyp75 Reply

    o.k Tabata really kicked my butt the other day.. My legs are still sooo sore.. they’re even giving out on me…:(.. I may not be in until Monday to work out, but I think tomorrow I will come and take pictures and cheer everyone on!!!!

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