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January 10, 2009

Thank you, Tim, for taking the afternoon classes. I got great feedback from the shaking, sweaty, but smiling people fortunate enough to learn from you. Nicely programmed.
Saturday marks the end of week one in the zone challenge- the general consensus is that it is pretty easy to follow and the participants feel more energy. I can’t wait for the coming weeks to show what other results transpire. We are going to keep it going next month and the month after and-well the word diet is from a Greek word that means “way of life.”

I really need to make something up to you guys. Last month everyone worked really hard on their goals. I had said that we would have a resolutions workout when everybody tested their goals and an after party. I spaced it, and when everyone got their goals like an hour into the month… well the point is I have to do something soon-preferably when Jared and Heather are back and before Jeff and Nicky leave for Mexico. Please post Ideas to the comments. By the way I love all the feedback we are getting in the comments. It is very integral to our community. Keep it up.

Here’s one named after a member I kinda have a thing for.



21-15-9 For Time
Squat Clean and Jerk 95/65
Pull Ups- Chest To Bar

How much did triple extension and diving under it help this little beast? Then overhead notice the dip drive and extreme re-dip.
Tons of weight and beautiful technique.

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  1. Littles Reply

    Does the thought of Sarah bring up that much pain and torture Mark?

  2. Tim Reply

    Excellent work this afternoon to all. Congratulations on ending the work week with some hard work!

    The guys might be stronger, but the girls have the best form! It’s cool to see how we all bring something different to the group, and how we all share, learn and grow from each other.

    Have a good weekend everyone. See you in a few days.

  3. Jane Reply

    Nice work to Mark and Tim for making us work our butts off this week! I have to admit, I’m a little sore today. Sarah, no offense, but I’m not sorry I have to miss your workout today because of work, it looks like a really tough one!

  4. Garetjax Reply

    I ran a mile when I got home today and it was 9:30 it was hard to breath in the cold.
    I cant wait till winter is over already.
    So are we going over your house tommorrow afternoon to sled?

  5. sarah lee Reply

    I heard it is going to rain. Next snow storm!

    Adam it was so nice to meet you. Hope to meet your wife and little girls soon!

    Jessie. You are so strong! 65 pounds? Amazing.

    Everyone new. Don’t give up! I know the pain you are going through. Give it a month. If you are still not sure give it 2. It will change your life. You will be healthier, happier and stronger, than you have ever been. It is so hard in the beginning but you will love it if you stick with it. If you still have doubts talk to anyone who has just started since October 1. They will do anything to help.

    Also, Mark, If you ever name a workout after me again, think about where you next meal comes from!

    See you all on Monday!

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