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January 12, 2009

I’ve been wanting to post more photos. So here’s a small album-some old some new-from the past few months. When Rita rode her bike in, Jeff’s first Baseline in jean shorts,and if you look closely a few choice words beside the ladies deadlifting. Bonus- Can you spot the Ninja? Just my way of saying I love you guys.



30-25-20-15-10-5 For Time

KB Swings 1.5/.5

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  1. Garetjax Reply

    Jane you are a crazy ninja chick…
    I had 2 cheat meal in a row is that bad well its a good thing I didn’t have a contest going to see who could go 10 days cause ouch that would stink. I mean if I got caught with a pastry in my mouth it would be like getting caught peeing on the side of the road at night with some one stopping and putting their high beems on me.
    Not that has ever happened its just bad if it did.
    Well I am looking forward to the sprinkler on Monday.
    Peace out…

  2. nickyp75 Reply

    O.K I Am looking at those pictures and I think we are looking a whoooooollllllleeeeee lot better than when those pics. were taken… nice double chins everyone!!!! Ugh… we all look a whole lot different… well, at least I think we do.. do you agree???? Imagine what 6 months from now is gonna look like??????

  3. nickyp75 Reply

    BTW Mark are you ready for your 100 burpees????? He knows what I am talking about!!!!!!! I will be there tomorrow with bells on!!!! Bring it on… Does anyone want to do the zone challenge with me for February??? Only 2 meals off the entire month??? It’s extreme, but I am up for the challenge!!!!!!

  4. Mark Lee Reply

    Nicky-yes I was caught peeing in the proverbial headlights! It was just the one meal(oh, cruel congo bars!) I’m sorry I wont let it happen again!

    As I look through the old pics I am amazed at the transformations. The difference of only a couple months is extraordinary. It’s because everyones performances are kicking some serious booty! Great job everybody!

  5. Mark Lee Reply

    Nicky-the Zone Challenge will be ongoing and I will leave the nutrition blog up as long as it is helping that goal. I am with you for February. 100 Burpees???? Is that my punishment! Can’t I just get off easy and we can say I will have to live with the troubled conscience? I guess I might be able to do an A.M. WOD and then in the afternoon…I can’t think about it-I’d better go to bed-I am going to have Burpee nightmares!

  6. nickyp75 Reply

    O.K Mark,,, I will let you off the hook… You don’t have to do 100 burpees… I will chop it up to a moment of weakness.. I love you regardless.. Considering you are the one who trains me constant praising will be enough payment!!! The blog is great… I think it is a great help.. to those who are in the zone and those who are thinking of getting in the zone!!! please keep it going, I think the more that people realize the zone helps the more bloggers we will get….

  7. Nicole Reply

    Great pics!

    Push-Ups and KB Swings! Wish I didn’t spend two hours shoveling yesterday! What do they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger:)

    See you soon…

  8. Littles Reply

    That picture of me with the little dumbells is my first fight gone bad. first week at crossfit. That look on my face lasted the whole hour.
    Nicky, everyone looks sharper, tighter, stronger. The lines are different.
    Imagine June.

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