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January 14, 2009

Thanks again to, Tim, for kicking every ones butt today. We all really appreciate you stepping in so it can be ‘business as usual’

Hope you all enjoyed the “Drew” workout-congratulations, Nicky, sounds like you went beast on it!

Looks like another member named WOD is in order. So here’s one named after Rita. Rita, I have a lot of respect for the strength you display in and out of CrossFit. We love ya and we’re glad you’re here.



5 Rounds. Rest as needed between rounds. Score total number of reps.

Max Rep Body Weight Back Squat
Max Rep Pull-Ups

Scale the squat as needed-Guys, try to use at least 155lbs-Ladies, at least 95lbs

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  1. sarah lee Reply

    Rita… I love that picture of you! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

    I think I will borrow that guys outfit to wear tomorrow. I like the belt!

  2. sarah lee Reply

    Also Tim… Thanks for helping out again. Even though everyone complains about your warm-up/work-out before the work-out, everyone loves having you around. We always get positive feedback.

    Nicole. Are you sore from yesterday? Jessie and I can barely move.

  3. Nicole Reply

    Sarah and Jessie, my soreness is usually delayed a day. Yesterday my obliques were a little sore from shoveling for 2 hours on Sunday, and this morning I have muscle soreness from Monday’s workout. I am constantly on the move at work, up and down stairs and walking through the buildings to pick up the students that I provide services for. It’s when I sit or lay down for a period of time that I get stiff and sore so I try to keep moving.

    Look forward to seeing everyone this afternoon!

  4. jmiles Reply

    i love tims warm ups. they havent killed anyone yet. and yes, “drew” was a giant butt kicker.i am really sore all over. nicki peppie rocked it. serious intensity. keep it up nicki. you were an inspiration.

  5. JareBear Reply

    Hello everyone, It looks like you are all having some great workouts. We have done a few while away. Mostly double unders and pushups. But my favorite wod while here is 5 rounds of, french toast (with butter and syrup), hash, eggs, coffee, toast, homefries…. Full range of motion on the chew is extremely important. Paul has been spoting me. He’s a great role model for this wod. Weird but he really pushes hard on this one. I think we need to name it after him.

    We miss you all. See you soon.

    Jared, Heather, Ethan, Kenz

  6. sarah lee Reply

    Oh Jarebear. Now that you admitted that Mark is going to make you suffer when you get back!
    I hope the weather is awesome. Tell Kelly and the kids we said Hi and please ask Paul where are coffee is .
    Miss all of you.

  7. sarah lee Reply

    or, where OUR coffee is.

  8. Tim Reply

    Thanks for the nice words. I’m glad that you get positive feedback and that I haven’t scared anyone off yet! Maybe I’ll have to ramp up the next warmup/wod that I do!!

  9. Mark Lee Reply

    Rita, sorry you couldnt be there today-It went just the way you would have liked, real social and appropriate amount of intensity/strength and rest mixed together.
    Hope you are feeling ok tomorrow.

    JareBear, sounds great! So did Paul unbox that weight set he said that he got a month ago, or do you just love double unders? I want to hear about the hikes-they sound inspiring. If you have room with the carry ons that coffe would be much appreciated- especially at the a.m. classes.

    Tim, keep warmin em’ up. It’s your trademark.

  10. Tim Reply

    AHHHHH NO Tim… the warm ups are fine just the way they are!!!!

  11. Mark Lee Reply

    let me guess Nicky’s brother was using her computer again

  12. nickyp75 Reply

    you are correct sir!!!!! How about a wedding gift for tim (my bro) one year of free internet… so he stops using mine!!!!!

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