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January 21, 2009

Let’s go heavy…

Over Head Squats

Work Up To a 1 or 3 Rep Max (only 1’s make the board)

One Tough Girl

Followed By A 4 Event Play Time/Race.

1. How many meters can you go in 10 pulls on the Rower? 2 Attempts Each.

2. How Long Can You Hold a Hand Stand Against The Wall? 2 Attempts Each.

3. How Many Lunges Can You Do In 2 Minutes? 1 Attempt.

4. How Long Can You Hang On The Bar?

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  1. Drew Reply

    If #4 was How long can you hang AT a bar i think i could really put a serious number on the board, like 6-7 hours. Oh well, guess that’s why i don’t make the WOD. Today does sound like fun though, thanks for keeping the WOD’s interesting Mark.

  2. Nicole Reply

    Wow! Great video to post Mark, perseverance pays off!

    See everyone this afternoon…

  3. jmiles Reply

    awesome. there is someone on the web with a butt bigger than mine.

  4. Mark Lee Reply

    This is Sarah-
    That was such a fun workout. Only in CrossFit can you say that. Everyone did awesome.

    West Family, We are so happy to have you back. You were missed.

    Crossfit Mama, Great job doing the handstand. It took me 11 months to try that and I almost cried. yup, i think i did.

    Nicole, great tips on the handstands. Really helpful. Thanks.

    and Drew you are the ROW MASTER. (Silent Bow inserted)

  5. Lewis Reply

    Drat, another fun one missed… oh well, another week or so and I will be back off the boat.

  6. Nicole Reply

    CrossFit Mama, great effort on the hand stand. Your spotters could have used some better coordination though:)

    Thanks to everyone for cheering me on today, your encouraging words make a difference!

    Thanks for all the technique tips Mark!

  7. Mark Lee Reply

    Lewis we miss ya and look forward to your safe return.

    Nicole you are doing wonderful and are so easy to work with-you have loads of determination and work ethic. Keep it up!

    Nice work today everyone- I hope you had as much fun as I did!

  8. sarah lee Reply

    Nicole. Maybe they will teach us coordination at the certification.

  9. crossfit mama Reply

    That was so fun today. Nicole and Sarah thanks for attempting to spot me on a handstand even if I did almost break my legs. Hopefully someday I will reach 29 seconds too. To everyone I worked out with today you are an inspiration and a blast to be with!

  10. sarah lee Reply

    Crossfit Mama, we were not afraid you would break your legs. We were afraid you were going to break your neck!

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