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January 27, 2009

Great Job Everyone!!! It’s a big accomplishment to show up in the face of such a grueling WOD. I especially appreciate every ones willingness to try new things when they come up in a workout-the broader our exposure , the more complete our physical competence becomes. Everyone was awesome but some things that standout to me…
1. Phoebe-what a trooper! You are quickly becoming part of the family. Way to prioritize CrossFit over your Eye Doctors Appointment! We love it! You are going to make some amazing and rapid progress-keep it up!
2. Drew GREEN BAND!!! You motored through! Awesome work, awesome intensity!
3. Welcome Back Heather! It was great having you and you were super smart about playing it safe-you know your stuff and you are a complete natural.
4. Rita The rower is still smoking-I’m going to need to keep a fire extinguisher on hand if you are going to pull 7,000 meters for fun.
5. Jonesy- we love ya Brother! You are where you belong when you’re at the box with us.

There are plenty more-post your highlights from “The Chipper” in the comments.



Push Jerk Work Up to 1 Rep Max

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  1. Littles Reply

    I want to get my max and have it be solid, not dance with it like I did last time:).

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    The twitchy over head shuffle can be interesting to watch, Littles. At least do it a couple of times in the warm up.

  3. Jane Reply

    I’m really curious what PR’s will be set today. We haven’t done the max press jerk in a while, and we’ve all been making huge progress. This should be fun!

  4. sarah lee Reply

    Is it just me or do his arms look really far apart?

  5. sarah lee Reply

    I didn’t show up today… but I heard some amazing things!
    This is Drews week of fame! I’m going to brag for you for a minute Drew. He went from a black band to a green band yesterday, and a green to blue band pullups today! Holy Cow. Great Job. Also thank you to you and Jane for all your hard work taking pictures of the rower today!

    Pheobe. I already love you. I can’t believe you showed up at 6 a.m after that workout last night. You are a true crossfitter.

    Liz. 90 pound push-jerk? Have you been zoning or something?

    and last but not least. Glad you are into it Mikey. I know Mark loves seeing you in the morning.

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