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January 28, 2009



Row your fastest 500m
Burgener Warm Up & PVC Snatch
Tabata Squats

There is no sound with this but it is an awesome look at both olympic lifts.

Afterward fight, Barry, here to the pain.

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  1. sarah lee Reply

    So… some of you are lucky enough to know my car moves. They would totally take that guy! He better watch out!!!!!!!!!!! kai ya!

  2. Littles Reply

    He must be drunk.
    I love how he’s a nut then gathers himself for the quaint bow at the end.

    Sarah, I do know your uber cool car moves, you could compete with him!

    I wish I knew what the heck Mark is talking about for the workout!!
    off to watch that video.

  3. Nicole Reply

    Okay, I know that I said I was going to take a Th/Fri. off, but I really want to come today for the row, snatch, and squats. I love that the workouts are constantly varied (I don’t think that I’ve done one twice yet) but that means you sometimes miss good ones on your rest days. Mark, you are always tempting us to come in with your superior programming!

  4. Littles Reply

    I hear you Nicole, I was going to do the same. I’m going today and taking friday off….

  5. Mark Lee Reply

    Thanks Nicole and Liz, this will be fun. I cant wait to see what we end up with for row scores-Phoebe pulled a 1:58 this morning! Resting Friday will make you nice and fresh for FGB on Saturday.

    Sarah, and all others who wish to take on Barry, Please watch out for his right hand-you never know which direction it is going to fly. If I had to advise you on a weakness I would say attack the still and unused left hand-But this is Barry-He could catch you off guard with a reaching right or wake that sleeping left and send you crashing like a practice dummie. His only other weakness is that his shoe seems to come off when he kicks you on top of the shoulder with his heel.

  6. sarah lee Reply

    Nicole. Awesome job on your squats! You are amazing!

  7. Nicole Reply

    Squatting; one of those times it’s favorable to be short!

    Anyone doing FGB on Saturday? Tim and I will be at the 1:00.

    Drew-I was wondering, if I bring in a blank CD, could you burn your playlist for me please?

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