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February 16, 2009




Overhead Squat 95/65

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  1. Drew Reply

    i was just thinkin’ i didn’t get enough pain this weekend… and along comes Jeremy.

  2. Phoebe Reply

    sore throat coming on… 🙁
    we’ll see…

  3. Littles Reply

    Phoebe, work through the pain. 🙂
    please. 4:00.

  4. jmiles Reply

    just dont cough on my bar

  5. Littles Reply

    Jon don’t bleed on my bar.

  6. Garetjax Reply

    I am going to try at 95 but I really hurt my arm the other day
    so I might have to drop it down.
    Burpees I loooove Burpees Drew you might feel like Saturday all over again heheh:} evil smile

  7. nickyp75 Reply

    I’m comin back tomorrow everyone!!! don’t anyone laugh at all the grunting i will be doing LOL

  8. crossfit mama Reply

    burpees are evil. like the deveel eveel.

  9. sarah lee Reply

    Nicki. I’m so glad you are coming back! Do all the grunting you want. That means you are working hard!

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