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March 02, 2009

I dedicated an entire post following this one to a few highlights of the 80’s night. Thank you everyone for making it a great time! The pictures of the like a virgin crawls are priceless-Liz and Bobby you guys take home the best outfit prizes. Everyone looked smashing! Danny’s guy from February 1980, who hasn’t let go of the late 70’s was another great Cutrona original. Jacob thank you for bringing the 8 bit Nintendo System. Drew Rad 80’s mix. The fact that my spell check doesn’t recognize the word rad really drives home how long ago the 80’s were.



‘Ninja Jane’

21-15-9 For Time

Push Press 95/65
Box Jump 24/18
Pull Ups

-Ninjas Are Mammals.
-Ninjas Fight ALL the time.
-The purpose of the Ninja is to flip out and kill people.

Here’s the Ninja herself on her way over the bar with 10lbs strapped to her back.

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  1. Nicole Reply


    I want to know your Ninja secrets… PLEASE!!! How can I gain the strength and skill to get my first pull-up? HELP!!!


    Way to go on your first weighted pull-up, strong Ninja Jane!!! Like, totally inspirational! Oops, I forgot the 80’s party is behind us now:)

  2. sarah lee Reply

    Seriously Ninja. You are a machine. Lilyanna told me that when she grows up she wants to be a Ninja. I told her I do too.

    Tim. That was impressive. As always, we are all in awe.

    See you all tomorrow.

  3. Jane Reply

    Thanks for the compliment. The secret to being a ninja is to have shin splints so you can’t use your lower body at all, and work like mad on insanely evil upper body workouts invented by the assistant to the evil sensei, and given the stamp of approval by evil sensei himself:)

  4. Jane Reply

    oh, and not to mention training for 40 years at the base of Mt Fuji

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