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March 05, 2009



Pull ups on the minute 1 the first minute 2 the second 3 the third… Continue as long as you are able to.

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  1. Mark Lee Reply

    Didn’t have internet connection last night so I just posted the bare bones from my cell phone. Wanted to mention how great everyone did-everyone is showing terrific toughness and intensity.(David nice job hope you are mobile today.) Also thank you Drew for all your help and coming in on a rest day to hang out and support everyone-very cool.

  2. Phoebe Reply

    I’m just having an off week! I miss C3 though! I’ll be back!!!

  3. Mark Lee Reply

    It happens phoebe! This is my third off week! Stay healthy!

  4. Drew Reply

    I did the Filthy 50 today (yesterday was a much needed rest day thank you karen and ninja jane) and it felt different than i expected. I am going to try to explain. The workout was hard but when i paused, it was to catch my breathe, not because i wasn’t strong enough, It was a really neat feeling. Ten minutes after i finished, when i finally caught my breathe, i felt good, spent, tired…but not weak. Thanks, Mark, Sarah and everybody, right now this is a pretty cool place to be.

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