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March 10, 2009

Running and Burpees whos idea was that? Props to Dave and Drew for running in the snow (any thing to avoid the rower) and the Team Zero Dark Thirty -Adam, Phoebe, and Jessie for running and doing burpees in the rain before sunrise. You guys are awesome! Talk about earning it! No excuses.

Some guy who was in Hawaii all winter…welcome back Paul!

I give it no later than mid April…



AMRAP 15 Min.

7 Box Jump 30/24
7 Ring Dips

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  1. sarah lee Reply

    Nice work running in the rain and snow guys. Next time you run it will feel easy!

    Paul. We are soooo glad you are back. You were missed at C3 all winter.

  2. Jane Reply

    Sarah, congratulations on reaching your goal! 2 pull-ups is AWESOME! Oh, and Sarah, you were right, the Zone is amazing! I feel really good, and today was the first day I actually got the portions correct. Doing the work out today, I felt like I could just keep going, and going, and going:) It’s a wonderful feeling.

  3. Nicole Reply

    Sarah, that is awesome!!! I’m sad that I missed your first pull-up, it’s like missing your baby’s first step or something! I’ll just make you do it again the next time I see you at the gym and we can pretend it’s your first one all over again, okay? Congratulations on all of your accomplishments, you rock girl!!!

    Liz, Tim told me that your tall box jumps were impressive as well. I’ll have to try it sometime, maybe Thursday…

    Jane, glad to hear that you are feeling the positive effects of eating “in the Zone!” Look forward to the nutrition seminar Wednesday:)

    Hello to everyone, busy week, but I’ll be back to the gym as soon as I can… Miss you all!

  4. Littles Reply

    Sarah, great job.
    Nicole, you’re next on those pullups!
    It was fun jumping higher.


  5. Littles Reply

    cedle was my scrambled word, not sure how it got there though.

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