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March 20, 2009

If someone you love is hurting -step up.


Final Installment in our week of Basic Training

Sumo Deadlift High Pull
The Clean (Medicine Ball Variation)

As has been the case the WOD is optional- so please feel free to just show up for the clinic.

If you missed a day or two we are doing review on the weekend so let me know what you missed and I will let you know when the review will be for the missed clinic. Feel free to attend a review even if you were present for the first session-maybe like myself you love to hear me speak. (Just Kidding)

Everyone is moving really well and I have noticed some awesome improvement over this last week.

Who is that lost helpless guy on the left? He reminds me of a less healthy version of our Matt…

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  1. Tim Gagne Reply

    Thanks for helping me do “Cindy” today. Wait a minute…I mean, thanks for the great encouragement and spot-on ques. I couldn’t have done her without you. I mean, I couldn’t have done her as well without you…Oh, never mind!

  2. jmiles Reply

    mark: thanks for the clinic week. it is so refreshing to be reminded of how much room for improvement there is to make.

  3. Mark Lee Reply

    Tim, you have a way with words…

    jmiles-glad it’s working-I think it has helped me as much as anyone. The nice thing is we are just getting started!

  4. Littles Reply

    I need to practice everything this weekend. Thanks Mark.

  5. crossfit mama Reply

    Baby boy has a bad cold so missed yesterday and can’t come today either. I wish I could be there. Mark I’m glad to here you will do reviews this weekend. Hopefully I can make it. The clinic has been so helpful.

  6. Mark Lee Reply

    Crossfit Mamma, don’t feel bad unfortunately there’s been some illness keeping people away-Phoebe Satndish and Henry-get well Miss you guys

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