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March 22, 2009

Sunday we will be reviewing movements from our week in Basic Training. You can also show up to practice Skills and Drills, hang out and drink water out of an empty beer can (please bring your own can) or make up a missed WOD.

There will be new class times being added in April to accommodate every ones seasonal schedules and longer daylight. More information will be available over the next several weeks.

Check out crossfitnewengland.com there is some great footage of the throwdown!

I have been condensing and adding to the new section on the right of our blog- useful links. Check it out you may find it…useful.

Since I heard about this from 3 people today…here you are-enjoy!

“Ok everyone, it seems that lately we have been having a lot of ripped calluses. In fact, it seems to be contagious. All you have to do is look at someone with ripped hands and you rip one. If you haven’t yet ripped a callus, you will. It’s part of the price you pay for super human fitness.
Let’s begin by discussing how to take care of your hands.
Every night (or morning depending on when you take a shower) you should use a callus shaver. Trust me on this. Pumice stones work great, but it’s just not the same. Shavers allow for little more precision, and a smoother callus. We like the Tweezerman Safety Shaver.
1) With your hand wet, gently slide the shaver over the callus until the callus is the same “elevation” as the rest of your palm.

2)Now use the pumice stone to smooth the callus. Shaver, then stone, allows for the callus to form evenly and deep, which is what you want for smooth (relatively), strong hands.

3)Apply moisturizer liberally to your hands right out of the shower, and keep them moisturized throughout the day. Guys, don’t worry. Just tell your macho buddies that you ripped them doing 100 pull ups followed by 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, and 100 squats. They’ll shut up and stare at you in awe of your amazing strength.

Before you do any bar work in the gym, chalk up. The chalk will dry your hands back out and allow you to grip the bar more securely. Remember, the bar is not a Twinkie; there is no creme filling coming out. When gripping the bar, grip just tight enough to keep you on the bar. Squeezing too hard results in ripped calluses.

We’ve covered maintenance and prevention. Now, when you do rip one, and it will still happen, just hopefully not quite as often, follow these steps.
1) Wash your hands with mild soap and water. I like Dove. It moisturizes well, and smells nice.

2) Trim off the flappers. Manicure scissors work well for this. Do not go digging! You don’t want to pull off any live skin.

3) Soak your hands in salt water for 10 minutes. This will help the calluses heal faster and stronger, leaving you with a pseudo-callus to work with. If you skip the salt water step, you’re skin will grow back softly over the area you just ripped, and will rip again. Have you ever noticed how it seems to be the same places that rip most often? Do NOT skip this step.

4) After soaking, apply an antibiotic ointment for the next two days. You do not want MRSA in your hands.

5) Keep your hands moisturized.

6) Do NOT shave ripped calluses. There is not a callus there anymore! (Yes, someone actually did this.)

7) Before working out, apply a liquid bandage, and take it a easy on your hands for the next few days. This does not mean no pull ups.
Now you know how to take care of them and how to prevent them. Get back on the bar!”

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  1. jmiles Reply

    hey coach, other problems ive had: after an intense workout, my stomach hurts and i have gas that could kill a donkey. what do i do? and after doing 100 situps, the skin on my butt is pretty tender, and i hate walking funny with a chaffed buttocks. how does one handle such speedbumps on the road to fittness?

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    jmiles-I have been the unfortunate recipient of said gas, post workout. That being the case, I am hard pressed to think clearly and objectively on the matter. Shame causes most people to use our facilities or better yet- take that horror outside…That of course helps the rest of us-but still leaves you hurting. At first glance it is obvious that both issues are in close proximity to each other in a physical sense. Perhaps science will come to your aid as others with chaffed shelf/bubble butts emitting the stench of a rotting pig corpse step forward. For now I think all we can do is raise awareness-which is why I will be selling scratch and sniff buttons with a picture of the chaffing. I encourage others to step forward and help raise awareness without judgement. In the mean time try an adult diaper-I strongly suspect there is more than just gas based on the linger time, and you’re pretty disoriented from the workout which may lead to a loss of control without knowing it. Not only that but the cushion provides an obvious defense against chaffing.

  3. Nicole Reply


  4. jmiles Reply

    i just laughed my butt off. it worked

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